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eBay Rolls Out Video In Listing To More Sellers

eBay is rolling out Video In Listings to more sellers, now available in the desktop listing flow in Seller Hub.

eBay Sellers Upset At Loss Of Image Search In App

It's been almost a month since eBay removed the search by image feature from the mobile app with no warning and sellers are still upset.

Does eBay Have Advice For Sellers Beyond Discounts & Ads?

While discounting & advertising can be an important part of any business plan, they shouldn't be the only tools in the box. Is this all eBay has to offer sellers?

eBay Adds Repeat Buyer Identification

eBay is updating Seller Hub to give sellers more information about repeat buyers.

eBay Seller Tools & Features Status Update

As 2021 draws to a close, check the status of eBay seller tools & features like the Listing Quality Report, Coded Coupons, Video In Listings, Personalization, Stores, Promoted Listings & more!

eBay Disables Search By Image In Mobile App

eBay has temporarily disabled the search by image function in both the Android and iOS versions of the mobile app.

eBay Stores Add Promos & Sales History, Remove Feedback

eBay's new stores experience has added promotion banners & sales history, but taken away seller feedback details.
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