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Could eBay Merchant Integration Platform Replace File Exchange?

eBay sellers are concerned Seller Hub Reports doesn't provide all the features of File Exchange. Could eBay's Merchant Integration Platform be the answer?

eBay Introduces the Listing Quality Report - Again

eBay has recently "introduced" the Listing Quality Report again. Hopefully Harry Temkin has finally taken this tool from an "early stages, work in progress" to a completed, tested, ready for Prime time product.

eBay Scan To List - Magic The Gathering Cards

UPDATE 5-25-21 - eBay officially announces support for Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as well as Magic the Gathering with the Scan To List tool. List collectible card game singles fast with our next-level listing featureeBay is the premier destination for trading card and collectible card game (CCG) enthusiasts globally because

eBay Coded Coupons Are Here

Coded coupons were announced in the eBay Spring 2021 Seller Update & they are finally starting to rollout to sellers.

eBay Makes Terapeak Product Research Free For All Sellers

eBay announced today that Terapeak Product Research will now be free for all sellers! The new Terapeak Sourcing Insights tool will still require a basic store subscription or above.

eBay File Exchange Changes Coming Soon

It appears eBay is making some updates and changes to its popular File Exchange feature effective June 15th 2021.

eBay Terapeak Sourcing Insights Not Working?

UPDATE:It appears that there is a minimum sales threshold of $1000 in the last 90 days for sellers to use this tool. Harry Temkin did not mention this in the demo, saying only that the tool will be available for Basic store subscriptions and above. There was also no
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