Amazon AI Reviews Promised Better Buyer Experience, Sellers Say It Hurts Business

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Amazon introduced AI-powered customer review summaries in August, promising they would improve the customer experience and ensure customers continue to see the most valuable content and opinions, but two months in, some sellers say the results are hurting their businesses.

How Amazon continues to improve the customer reviews experience with generative AI
New AI-generated customer review highlights are the latest in a string of review innovations.

New AI-generated customer review highlights
We want to make it even easier for customers to understand the common themes across reviews, and with the recent advancements in generative AI, we believe we have the technical means to address this long-standing customer need. Want to quickly determine what other customers are saying about a product before reading through the reviews? The new AI-powered feature provides a short paragraph right on the product detail page that highlights the product features and customer sentiment frequently mentioned across written reviews to help customers determine at a glance whether a product is right for them...

How we keep the Amazon community safe and reviews authentic
As we continuously improve the reviews experience, we’re also working to ensure customers continue to see the content and opinions that will be the most valuable to them. Our Community Guidelines help both our machine learning models and our human moderators keep the community safe and the reviews relevant, while allowing customers to express themselves and their opinions with as much personal expression as possible. We believe this leads to a richer, better, and more trustworthy set of reviews. Customers who share their opinions appreciate this, and those that read them do too.

We welcome authentic reviews—whether positive or negative—but strictly prohibit fake reviews that intentionally mislead customers by providing information that is not impartial, authentic, or intended for that product or service. We continue to invest significant resources to proactively stop fake reviews. This includes machine learning models that analyze thousands of data points to detect risk, including relations to other accounts, sign-in activity, review history, and other indications of unusual behavior, as well as expert investigators that use sophisticated fraud-detection tools to analyze and prevent fake reviews from ever appearing in our store.

The new AI-generated review highlights use only our trusted review corpus from verified purchases, ensuring that customers can easily understand the community’s opinions at a glance.

Despite Amazon's promises this will improve the customer experience, users in the Amazon seller forum say the summaries misrepresent their products and they are unable to get assistance from Amazon to correct the issues.

Amazon AI Generated Review Has Wrecked Our Business

We have a beauty brand and we are having an issue with the new AI-generated review summary that Amazon have implemented.

In summary, the new AI-generated review summary has completely misrepresented our product, and is destroying our once very successful Amazon Business. Our product is 4.7/5 with 1000 reviews. It has nothing but positive feedback about the quality (it is a cosmetic bag). However the AI has decided to make a 'fabric' tab on the review and mark it as 100% negative!?

the entire product is fabric, it is a cosmetic bag! How could it be 100% negative fabric when hundreds of people state that the fabric is fantastic??

Has anybody else had an issue like this?

This is the dumbest idea of the company these new aggregated reviews. TOTALLY AGREE.

You can write the executive office and let them know it’s a bad idea. It seems the company is so desperate for sales in light of competition for Temu, Shein and other they are trying these “new” ideas to drum up business.

Just bad for business

It will take buyers some time to get used to the uselessness of those review summaries and ignore them. Until then, they will be mislead, like they are by millions of fake reviews anyways.

Amazon wants to dig its own grave and the hole is getting deeper....

Anyone notice that Amazon always implements the absolute worst AI? From the bots that started years ago to the new AI Generated Reviews - I guarantee you someone high up at Amazon must think it's really cool to have all this stuff automated. Meanwhile all it does is (a) lower sales and revenue and (b) cause actual Amazon Support employees to deal with all these issues created by the bots / AI.

Have Amazon's AI review summaries improved your experience as a buyer 0r helped out hurt your business as a seller? Let us know in the comments below!


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