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Will The Old Etsy Listing Form Really Be Retired On June 25th? Members Public

As sellers frantically prepare for old listing form retirement, will Etsy delay switch to new form until tech issues & bugs are finally worked out?


Value Added Resource Week In Review 6-23-24 Members Public

eBay ghost listings, handbag authentication expansion, draft & image glitches; Mercari new seller promo; Etsy new listing price problems & more!

Week In Review

eBay Expands Luxury Handbag Authentication With Add On Option For Items Below $500 Members Public

eBay is expanding luxury handbag and wallet authentication to include items under $500...for a fee.


Etsy Sellers Worry About Pricing Problems In New Listing Form As Old Listing Form Set To Retire Members Public

Etsy sellers face pricing problems in new listing form as old form that is currently the only work around for this glitch is set to retire.


eBay Quietly Solicits "Ghost Listing" Reports; Sellers Feel Ghosted By Lack Of Support & Communication Members Public

eBay has a new way to report "ghost listings" when a previously sold item reappears for sale, but lack of support leaves sellers feeling ghosted.


eBay Variation Listing Image Upload Problems 6-19-2024 Members Public

eBay sellers report technical issues with image uploads for variations preventing creation of new listings or adding images to existing ones.


eBay App Update Causes Inadvertent Draft Deletion Issues Members Public

eBay sellers say app experience is causing them to inadvertently delete draft listings with no way to recover lost data.


Mercari Looks For GMV & Active User Boost With New Seller Promotion Members Public

Mercari US desperately tries to buy GMV & active users bump with new seller promo as pressure mounts to show fee strategy shakeup is working.


Value Added Resource Week In Review 6-16-24 Members Public

eBay China growth & competition, Express Payout fee increase, AI support snafu; Mercari layoffs; Amazon Prime dark pattern FTC case update & more!

Week In Review

eBay Product & Price Research Changes Raise Concerns About Transparency & Relevancy Members Public

Recent changes to eBay Product & Price Research tools are raising questions about transparency & relevancy of data shown to sellers on the site.


eBay Says It's Making Express Payout Simpler, But Watch Out- It May Be More Expensive Too Members Public

eBay is making changes to Express Payout offering, promising the process will be simpler while downplaying increased expense for some sellers.


eBay Quietly Grows China Sales As CEO Downplays Temu Competition Members Public

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone downplays Temu competition while quietly growing sales from China - are cheap Chinese apps a threat to eBay GMV forecasts?


Mercari US Undertakes Mass Layoff Months After Major Fee Structure Shakeup Members Public

Mercari US has undertaken a significant mass layoff, eliminating 45% of staff months after major fee structure & business operations shake up.


Ecommerce Marketplaces Fight CA, GA Seller Verification Legislation Members Public

CA & GA seek to expand seller verification requirements beyond INFORM Act to also apply to classified ad sites where payments are made offline.


eBay For Business Facebook Page Shuts Down, Redirects To Main eBay Profile Members Public

eBay For Business seller support Facebook page shuts down, users directed to main profile instead as eBay looks to consolidate customer service.


eBay Support Snafu Sends Sellers In Automated AI Circles Members Public

eBay sellers report trouble getting through to customer support, being sent around in AI automated circles due to apparent call "routing issues".


Value Added Resource Week In Review 6-9-24 Members Public

eBay drops AMEX, AI background enhancer, feedback changes, eBay Open, dropshipping crackdown; Etsy AI review summaries; Whatnot updates & more!

Week In Review

eBay Testing New AI Search & Discovery Features To Curate Personalized Search Experience Members Public

eBay tests adding generative AI more overtly into search & discovery with conversational query prompting to curate more personalized results.


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