Is eBay's Restatement Of GMV Really Immaterial?

eBay has changed the definition of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) on the platform - is the impact really immaterial?

Scrutineering 101: How To Win Friends & Influence Corporations

Reflections on the power of social scrutineering and how sellers can use their voices to effect positive changes in the eBay marketplace.

Is Facebook The Competitor eBay Doesn't See Coming?

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone blindly leads customers right to Facebook's door.

eBay Certified Refurbished Livestream Shopping Event

eBay kicked off their first livestream Certified Refurbished shopping event on Facebook December 1st.

Why Doesn't eBay Do More To Stop Car Scams?

It seems like eBay car scams have been around almost as long as the platform has existed, why doesn't eBay do more to curb this particular kind of fraud?

eBay Q3 2021 Earnings Call - Commentary

Highlights and commentary on eBay's Q3 2021 earnings call from an experienced seller perspective.

Is eBay Becoming A Pay To Play Platform?

Media coverage of Amazon's "pay to play" sponsored search placement begs the question- is eBay any better?

eBay's Seller Trust Problem

An open letter to eBay CEO Jamie Iannone on transparency, integrity, feedback and gaining seller trust.
eBay Events

First eBay Community Chat Of 2022 - Deja Vu All Over Again?

It's weekly eBay community chat time again & so far 2022 in the chat is picking up where 2021 left off with many seller questions & few helpful eBay staff answers.

eBay December Seller Check In

Highlights & Commentary on eBay's December 2021 Seller Check-In.

eBay Hosts Hard To Find Luxury Pop Up Shop In Miami

The third & final eBay Hard To Find Holiday Pop Up Shop will be opening in Miami December 10-11th, focusing on luxury handbags & watches.

eBay Hard To Find Collectibles Pop Up Shop - Houston

The second in a trio of eBay Hard To Find Holiday Pop Up Shops will be opening in Houston December 3-4th, this one focusing on trading cards & comic books.
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