Q2 2024 Ecommerce Earnings Call Roundup Members Public

Q2 2024 earnings calls are just around the corner - track important ecommerce marketplace earnings dates here!


USPS Ends Support For FedEx Ground Economy Drop Offs July 14, 2024 Members Public

USPS is ending support for drop offs of FedEx Ground Economy shipments, effective July 14, 2024.


eBay TCGPlayer Union Rallies Against Pregnancy Discrimination, Files NLRB Claim For Refusal To Bargain Members Public

TCGUnion-CWA calls out eBay TCGPlayer for discrimination & refusal to bargain - is media silence hiding conflicts of interest & corporate regulatory capture?


Mercari Partners With BEENOS To Bring Japan Inventory To US Shoppers Members Public

Mercari is opening up direct from Japan shopping to the US market with new BEENOS international fulfillment partnership.


eBay's New Ads Dashboard Promises Intuitive Design & Advanced Tech; Sellers See Less Transparency Members Public

eBay's new Ads Dashboard promises simplified, intuitive experience will lay the foundation for sales velocity & growth - can it live up to the hype?


eBay Search By Image Malfunctions, Shows Wildly Irrelevant Results Members Public

eBay app users report Search By Image feature is malfunctioning, returning wildly irrelevant results that do not match items being searched for.


eBay UK Drops Direct Nectar Connection, Leaving Buyers In Lurch On Popular Rewards Scheme Members Public

Shopping rewards site Nectar & eBay are parting ways in the UK, with direct linking of Nectar to eBay accounts ending as of September 1, 2024.


Adam Ireland Tapped As eBay's New VP GM Global Collectibles As Gene Cook Departs Members Public

Adam Ireland named VP GM Global Collectibles overseeing eBay's multi-billion dollar trading card & collectibles business as Gene Cook departs.


Value Added Resource Week In Review 7-7-24 Members Public

eBay AI award & media manipulation, automatic feedback; Etsy adult content, ad glitch; Amazon bot problems & more!

Week In Review

eBay Wins "Best Generative AI Solution" Award - Well Deserved Honor Or Marketing Hype? Members Public

eBay has won Best Gen AI Solution at the 2024 AI Breakthrough Awards - is it a well deserved honor for tech innovation or just marketing hype?


eBay's Tech Image Overhaul: Is Media Manipulation Covering Up Executive Leadership Failures? Members Public

eBay looks to shed outdated reputation with new comms role using media to promote CTO Mazen Rawashdeh & "position eBay as a top-tier tech company."


eBay Promoted Listings Direct vs Halo Sales - How Can You Tell? Members Public

eBay Promoted Listings ad attribution & reporting - here's what you need to know about Direct vs Halo sales.


eBay Partners With Liberis For Business Cash Advance Loans, Filling Gap Left By PayPal Split Members Public

eBay partners with Liberis to offer Business Cash Advance financing, finally filling gap left by loss of PayPal Working Capital loans.


Beware Bonnabit & Tycobit Crypto Scams With Fake Ties To eBay & Etsy Members Public

Crypto scammers behind Bonnabit fraud are back with Tycobit - using same false claims of eBay & Etsy partnerships to lure unsuspecting victims.


eBay VP Collectibles Gene Cook Exits, Leaving Leadership Up In The Air For Key Focus Vertical Members Public

eBay VP Collectibles Gene Cook exits, leaving leadership of multi-billion dollar key focus vertical up in the air at critical time for company.


More Amazon Bot Troubles As Sellers Get Business Insurance Expiration Warnings In Error Members Public

Amazon sellers are scrambling to reupload business insurance information after another "bots gone wild" situation sends warnings in error.


Etsy Ad Campaigns Set Up Without Seller Permission As New Listing Form Bugs Continue Members Public

Etsy sellers say ad campaigns are being set up without permission, costing extra fees & raising concerns about ongoing glitches with new listing form.


eBay Send Offer Change Removes Option To Add Coupons, Curtailing Repeat Buyer Activity Members Public

eBay Send Offer UX changes remove option to add coupon for future order, curtailing important tool to drive repeat buying traffic.


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