Technical Issues

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eBay Glitch Sets View Counter Back To Zero

eBay sellers report listing view counts have been randomly reset to 0 - will they return or are they gone for good?

eBay Sellers Incur Gallery Plus Fees Due to Category Changes

Sellers report being charged additional $1.00 per listing Gallery Plus fees for items automatically moved to new categories as part of the Fall Update.

Is eBay Charging Insertion Fees For Listing Revisions?

eBay sellers report possible glitch in the listing process showing additional insertion fees for revising listings.

eBay Sellers Continue To Report Drops In Impressions & Sales

Many sellers have been struggling for weeks with drastic drops in impressions, clicks & sales. One seller even shows lower Promoted rates also negatively impacts *organic* impressions- defying all logic of how organic traffic should work.

eBay Sellers Frustrated With Community Forum Glitches

eBay community users expressed frustration with ongoing forum technical issues in the weekly eBay chat.

eBay Feedback Pages Time Out Error

eBay feedback pages time out & can't load, preventing users from using feedback to vet sellers & buyers on the platform.

Are Your eBay Impressions & Sales Down?

Sellers report dramatic drops in views & sales - is new click filtering system for Promoted Listings Advanced to blame?
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