Technical Issues

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eBay Offers Glitch - Item Doesn't Ship To Your Location

eBay's Seller Initiated Offers feature still has a glitch randomly showing buyers the seller does not ship to their location - how many sales have to be lost before eBay fixes this problem?

eBay Shipping Label No Services Available Errors

Sellers are reporting receiving error messages when trying to print shipping labels stating "Error getting quote from server" or "no services available".

eBay Managed Payments Payout Delays 9-14-21

eBay sellers report Managed Payments payout delays 9-14-21

Service Metrics Item Not Received Report Bug

eBay sellers report bug in Service Metrics affecting downloading reports for Item Not Received cases.

eBay Overcharges for Standard Envelope Before Price Increase

eBay announced on August 26th there would be a $0.02 price increase for Standard Envelope shipping effective August 29th, but sellers are reporting being charged the higher prices starting on August 27th.

eBay Managed Payments Reporting Bug

Seller reports bug in Managed Payments reporting for Payouts.

eBay Standard Envelope Offered In Categories That Don't Qualify

Seller reports eBay Standard Envelope shipping option is being added to some items in categories that don't qualify, causing the seller to chose between losing money or disappointing the buyer.
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