Triangulation fraud, hijacked accounts, & online scams proliferate across marketplaces - learn how to protect your business!

eBay Scam Software Listings Insert Malicious Links In Subtitle & Description Members Public

Suspicious eBay software listings with malicious links in subtitle & description direct buyers off site to steal payment info.


Amazon Collaborates On Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange Members Public

Amazon's Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange allows stores to share info on bad actors attempting to sell fake goods.


Poshmark Partners With Cequence Security To Prevent Account Takeovers Members Public

Poshmark has partnered with Cequence Security to stop malicious bot attacks from compromising accounts.


Operation Cookie Monster Takes Down Genesis Cyber Crime Market Members Public

International law enforcement action shuts down marketplace for stolen logins for Amazon, eBay, PayPal & more.


Eye4Fraud Breach Exposes Data Of Millions Of Ecommerce Shoppers Members Public

Eye4Fraud reportedly suffers data breach, exposing 16 Million+ customer emails & data from businesses who use the service.


Indie Sellers Guild Calls On Etsy To Address Counterfeits After Citron Report Members Public

Indie Sellers Guild calls on Etsy to address counterfeit concerns, but consider policy impacts on legit sellers too.


Is eBay Cracking Down On Scams, Return Fraud & Virtual Shoplifting? Members Public

eBay hiring for Trust Transformation to protect sellers from bad buyer scams, return violations & virtual shoplifting.


Citron Research Takes Etsy To Task For Counterfeits, Sends Stock Falling Members Public

Citron Research report says Etsy is the largest organized clearing house for counterfeit goods in the world.


ATARI XP 50TH Anniversary Set Already Being Scalped On eBay Members Public

Unscrupulous sellers list ATARI XP 50th Anniversary presale on eBay, buyers have no protection if order never arrives.


Etsy Faces Sec230 Challenge On Counterfeit Cashmere Goods Members Public

Lawsuit alleges Etsy falsely advertised & conspired with 3rd party sellers of counterfeit cashmere goods.


eBay Identity Theft & Fraudulent 1099-K Problems Continue Members Public

As eBay send 1099-K tax forms for 2022, reports of fraud & stolen identities used to sell on the platform return.


Love Island Star's Dad Victim In eBay Fake Louis Vuitton Scam Members Public

Actor Danny Dyer embarrassed when fake Louis Vuitton suitcase bought on eBay failed in a very public fashion.


$3.5M, 900 Victim International eBay & Craigslist Fraud Ring Sentenced Members Public

Romanian crime ring sentenced in $3.5 Million, 900+ victim eBay & Craigslist fake car ad & gift card fraud.


Are eBay Black Friday Deals Really Discounted? Members Public

eBay pushes up to 80% Black Friday deals but many use falsely advertised strike through prices to fake discounts.


Nashville Pawn Shop Sells Millions In Stolen Goods On eBay Members Public

Owner of Nashville pawn shop arrested after 10 month investigation found millions in stolen goods sold on eBay.


Does Etsy Have An Account Security Problem? Members Public

Recent reports of Etsy account takeovers raise questions & concerns about fraud on the platform.


eBay Beefing Up Cybersecurity Operations Members Public

eBay hiring cybersecurity & financial intelligence ops roles - are they finally taking fraud & cybercrime seriously?


Phishing Scam Sends Invoice From Compromised PayPal Account Members Public

Watch out for this PayPal phishing scam that uses actual invoices sent from a fake or compromised account.