More Amazon Bot Troubles As Sellers Get Business Insurance Expiration Warnings In Error

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Amazon sellers are scrambling to reupload business insurance information after another "bots gone wild" situation sends warnings in error.

First it was Seeds and Plants and now it is Business Insurance

What is going on in the back end? First it was a round of seeds and plants violations and now our business insurance was supposed not submitted and we have been ignoring multiple Amazon emails? I don't think so.

Insurance valid, approved, still in the back end of the account and this is the first email that we have received. It is getting harder and harder to just survive here with all these false violations.


Received same email 10 minutes ago. I have valid insurance until end of Sep, 2004. What is going on?

HELP! Just got this message even though my insurance is approved and valid until Nov. 2024: "According to our records, we have not received details of your commercial insurance policy after multiple email follow ups."

My insurance documentation was uploaded and approved about 9 months ago.

It still shows as "Verified Successfully" in the business insurance section of Seller Central:

Yet I just got this message from Amazon...

...Also it's the 1st message I got regarding business insurance since my document was approved 9 months ago. So not sure why they're saying "we have not received details of your commercial insurance policy after multiple email follow ups"... straight up lie.

Has anyone else got this message?

Some sellers say support has told them they can safely disregard the message.

We got the same thing and just went through the renewal process a couple months ago. We called Seller Support and they said to disregard. Looks like another bug like the Seeds/Plants thing we all went through last week


But others said they received contradictory information when they contact support, leaving the question up in the air.

I really wish I could trust this response from Seller Support 100% but past experience has shown me I can't...

If this agent is wrong and in ~30 days they decide to close my seller account, it will cost me my business.

We got this notice as well and have insurance successfully verified and valid through 12/23/24. We contacted Seller Support hoping for them to tell us to dismiss it and received a different response:


These seemingly random automation errors are becoming increasingly common and increasingly causing panic amongst sellers who are impacted by mass deactivations or account penalties being handed out in error.

Amazon Bot Wrongly Flags Items As Seeds Or Plants In Mass Deactivation Meltdown
Amazon sellers panic as listings are incorrectly flagged as plants or seeds, leading to mass deactivations & account warnings.

While Amazon did eventually acknowledge last week's seed and plant deactivations were a technical issue, there has been no transparency about what is causing these errors or what Amazon is doing to prevent them in the future or mitigate the negative impact for sellers who were affected.

Are you seeing an increase in Amazon automated warning and enforcement actions in error? Let us know in the comments below how it's impacting your business!

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