How ecommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Shopify & more use AI, LLMs & Machine Learning in buying & selling experience.

Mercari Introduces AI-Powered Importer To Help Sellers Cross List Items From eBay & Depop Members Public

Mercari introduces AI-powered tool to help sellers import items from eBay & Depop - will new fee structure entice more cross listing & boost sales?


eBay Tech Blog Explores AI Responsibility & How LLMs Improve Dev Productivity Members Public

eBay's tech blog explores commitment to using AI responsibly & how these emerging generative technologies are enhancing employee productivity.


eBay Spring 2024 Seller Check In Product Updates - Terapeak, Mobile Selling, AI Enhancements & More! Members Public

eBay Spring 2024 Seller Check In - new US General Manager, Terapeak on mobile, app selling experience improvements, AI image enhancement & more!


eBay Touts AI & C2C Pivot At Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference Members Public

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone & CFO Steve Priest put in appearance at Morgan Stanley conference, answering questions about AI, C2C pivot & more!


eBay Explores Blockchain Solutions To Fight Fraud & Scams In New Patent Filing Members Public

eBay exploring using blockchain technology to fight fraud with decentralized user authentication & authorization, according to new patent filing.


Content Creator To AI Architect: The Changing Face Of eBay Customer Experience Members Public

Recent eBay promotions & title changes reveal increasing importance of AI & the changing face of Global Customer Experience at the company.


eBay Testing Find Similar In Search For Mobile & Desktop Members Public

eBay testing "Find Similar" feature for search in mobile app & desktop, but functionality is curiously missing AI image recognition tech.


Shopify Editions Winter 2024 Heavy On "Magical" AI Tools & Features Members Public

Shopify releases Editions Winter 2024 with 100+ new features & tools, heavy focus on using AI to enhance both buyer & seller experiences.


Amazon Launches Rufus AI-Powered Shopping Assistant Members Public

Amazon buyers will soon have a new way to shop in app with Rufus, an AI-powered conversational shopping assistant.


eBay Layoffs Loom Large, Sellers Worry Support May Be Replaced By AI Members Public

As eBay undertakes layoffs, users worry about increasing use of AI for critical support, trust & safety functions previously handled by humans.


eBay Social Auto-Posting Automates Sharing Listings With Help From AI Members Public

Would you trust eBay to automatically create posts to share your listings on social media? If so, auto-posting for eBay Social is for you!


Etsy Gift Mode AI Recommendation Tool Launches In Stealth Mode Members Public

Etsy Gift Mode helps buyers easily find special gifts for all the people & occasions in their lives, with a little help from AI.


eBay Adds AI Captions & Scheduling To Social Sharing Tool Members Public

eBay has added AI generated captions & scheduling to Social sharing tool, giving sellers more ways to optimize social posts to drive traffic.


Artificial Hype? eBay's History Of Unfulfilled AI Promises Members Public

Are eBay's AI efforts just hype? A history of unfulfilled tech promises & misexecution does not bode well for the company's latest gimmicks.


eBay AI Descriptions Magically Appear, Then Disappear From Desktop Listing Flow Members Public

eBay's AI description generator launched in desktop listing flow this week, then disappeared - is this magical tool not ready for primetime?


Mercari Debuts Image-Based AI Listing Tool Beta Members Public

Mercari launches image-based AI quick listing beta, saying "all you need is a pic, a price, a title… & that’s it – you’re done."


Poshmark AI Powered Image-Based Auto-Listing Coming Soon Members Public

Poshmark announces AI-powered image based Auto-Listing launching in "the coming months."


Amazon AI Reviews Promised Better Buyer Experience, Sellers Say It Hurts Business Members Public

Amazon AI review summaries promised improved customer experience, but some sellers say the results hurt their businesses.