How ecommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Shopify & more use AI, LLMs & Machine Learning in buying & selling experience.

eBay Adds AI Captions & Scheduling To Social Sharing Tool Members Public

eBay has added AI generated captions & scheduling to Social sharing tool, giving sellers more ways to optimize social posts to drive traffic.


Artificial Hype? eBay's History Of Unfulfilled AI Promises Members Public

Are eBay's AI efforts just hype? A history of unfulfilled tech promises & misexecution does not bode well for the company's latest gimmicks.


eBay AI Descriptions Magically Appear, Then Disappear From Desktop Listing Flow Members Public

eBay's AI description generator launched in desktop listing flow this week, then disappeared - is this magical tool not ready for primetime?


Mercari Debuts Image-Based AI Listing Tool Beta Members Public

Mercari launches image-based AI quick listing beta, saying "all you need is a pic, a price, a title… & that’s it – you’re done."


Poshmark AI Powered Image-Based Auto-Listing Coming Soon Members Public

Poshmark announces AI-powered image based Auto-Listing launching in "the coming months."


Amazon AI Reviews Promised Better Buyer Experience, Sellers Say It Hurts Business Members Public

Amazon AI review summaries promised improved customer experience, but some sellers say the results hurt their businesses.


eBay User Agreement Updates Arbitration, AI Disclaimer & More! Members Public

eBay user agreement changes for October 28, 2023 include AI content, international shipping, arbitration & more!


Etsy AI-Based Search Leader Exits To Found Own AI Startup Members Public

Etsy has lost leader of their AI search teams as Director Engineering Nicolas Loeff exits to found own AI startup.


eBay Teases Magical AI Listing Creation Using Only An Image Members Public

eBay teases magical AI listing tool to create listings using only an image - will it live up to the hype?


Amazon AI Tool To Generate Listing Content Seen In The Wild Members Public

Amazon's new AI-powered tool to help sellers generate listing content spotted in the wild as feature rolls out to more sellers.


FTC Shuts Down AI Powered Ecommerce Business Opportunity Scheme Members Public

FTC suit temporarily shuts down Automaters scheme that lured consumers to invest in e-stores with unfounded claims.


Shopify Summer Editions 2023 Is Here With 100+ Updates & New Features Members Public

Shopify Summer 2023 is here with over 100 new products & updates, including much awaited AI Sidekick commerce assistant.


Etsy AI Misidentifying Everyday Items As Drug Paraphernalia Members Public

Etsy's AI bots run amok again, falsely flagging innocent items as drug paraphernalia while missing the real thing.


eBay Execs Push AI As Critical Site Functionality Falters Members Public

eBay execs make media rounds promoting AI efforts, while critical basic site functionality continues to break down.


eBay Germany & Zoovu Partner On AI Shopping Personalization Members Public tests AI shopping discovery personalization for laptops, tvs & smartphones in partnership with Zoovu.


eBay ChatGPT AI Feature Fails, Removed Days After Launch Members Public

eBay's ChatGPT AI description generator not ready for prime time & pulled from production just days after launch.


eBay Acquires Certilogo For AI Fashion Authentication Members Public

eBay agrees to acquire Certilogo, an AI-powered technology for digital ID & authentication of fashion brands.


Mercari Creates Dedicated AI Team For Internal & External Use Cases Members Public

Mercari creates dedicated team to explore ways generative AI can enhance internal productivity & solve user issues.