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USPS Discontinues Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Board Game Box

USPS will be discontinuing Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Board Game Box, effective immediately with supplies available while they last.

Did USPS Discontinue Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes?

Some astute sellers have noticed USPS appears to be out of stock and possibly discontinuing Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes.

Major Change To eBay International Standard Delivery

Billable weight changes for eBay International Standard Delivery could leave sellers with a big shipping cost increase.

eBay Shipping Labels Not Printing For December 31

Sellers are reporting problems with printing eBay shipping labels for December 31st - is it a glitch or intentional holiday protections?

Can't Print eBay Shipping Labels For December 24th

eBay sellers report being unable to print labels for December 24th.

eBay Updates Sellers On 2022 Shipping Carrier Rate Changes

eBay updates sellers on 2022 shipping carrier surcharge and rate changes.

What To Do If An eBay Buyer Requests Delayed Shipment

Sellers can appeal late shipment dings as long as the buyer's request for delay was made through eBay messages.
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