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eBay Standard Envelope Category Problems

Sellers report eBay Standard Envelope service is not available for one of the new postcard categories.

eBay Places Restrictions on USPS Media Mail

Sellers report receiving emails from eBay about new restrictions on using USPS media mail - what does this mean for the future of media mail on the platform?

eBay Sellers Report Problems Shipping to Ireland

eBay sellers are reporting many packages shipped to Ireland are being returned to sender in what appears to be a customs documentation snafu.

eBay Global Shipping Progam - No Seller Protection For Payment Disputes

Sellers question whether eBay is providing enough protection on orders through the Global Shipping Program.

eBay Standard Envelope Offered In Categories That Don't Qualify

Seller reports eBay Standard Envelope shipping option is being added to some items in categories that don't qualify, causing the seller to chose between losing money or disappointing the buyer.

eBay Same Zip Code Tracking Scams

Same zip code tracking fraud has been on a problem on eBay for decades - why don't they do more to protect buyers and sellers?

eBay Category Changes Create Problems With USPS Media Mail

Sellers dismayed to find items sold with USPS Media Mail are not able to have a Media Mail label printed through eBay.
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