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eBay Standard Envelope Offered In Categories That Don't Qualify

Seller reports eBay Standard Envelope shipping option is being added to some items in categories that don't qualify, causing the seller to chose between losing money or disappointing the buyer.

eBay Same Zip Code Tracking Scams

Same zip code tracking fraud has been on a problem on eBay for decades - why don't they do more to protect buyers and sellers?

eBay Tracking Upload Glitch

Some eBay sellers are reporting receiving "tracking not uploaded" defects on their accounts for orders that show shipped with tracking in their Seller Hub records - some even purchased shipping labels directly from eBay!

eBay Sellers Report Shipping Glitches As Standard Envelope Service Expands

Sellers report shipping problems as eBay expands Standard Envelope service to more categories.

eBay Sellers Report More Problems With New Simplified Shipping Badge

eBay announced in February they were replacing "Fast n Free" badges with a new "simplified" badge that highlights the shipping speed. The Fast ‘N Free badge highlighted listings with shipping speeds of 4 business days or less, but didn’t include any other details that buyers look for. To help

eBay Simplifies Shipping Badges - Sellers Report Glitches

eBay announced last week that it would be simplifying the way listings with fast shipping speeds are shown to buyers on the platform. What’s Changing?eBay is doing away with the “Fast n Free” badge and replacing it with a new badge that highlights the shipping speed. The Fast
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