FedEx 2 Day One Rate Shipping Now Available Through eBay

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay Labels now includes FedEx 2 Day One Rate shipping service with flat rate 2 day service anywhere in the continental US up to 50 lbs.

FedEx 2Day One Rate is now available on eBay Labels, offering flat rate 2-day shipping to anywhere in the continental US for packages up to 50 lbs.

FedEx 2 Day One Rate is based on package size and weight (up to 50 lbs), in only a domestic service to the continental US, and does not include tubes.

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How is the flat rate for One Rate determined?
The flat rate is based solely on the package size and you pay the same rate for the selected package size, regardless of destination.

Is there a weight limit for One Rate shipments?
Yes, FedEx One Rate packages must weigh less than 50 lbs for all packages, whether you use your own packaging or FedEx packaging. If your package weighs over 50 pounds, you can ship your package using FedEx rates based on dimensional weight and zone.

Can I ship internationally with One Rate?
No, FedEx One Rate pricing is for FedEx 2Day domestic service only.

Will my One Rate shipment be subject to additional surcharges like fuel or delivery area surcharges?
No. FedEx One Rate pricing already includes any applicable fuel, residential and delivery area surcharges. There are additional value-added services, such as signature services and additional declared value over $100, which you can add for an additional charge.

Does One Rate pricing include “insurance” or coverage for my package if something happens?
FedEx doesn’t offer insurance, but FedEx One Rate shipping covers declared value up to $100 for no additional charge. A higher value can be declared for an additional charge.

Can I ship mailing tubes using One Rate?
Items that are tubular can only be shipped using FedEx One Rate if they are enclosed in a cardboard box or corresponding FedEx packaging box.

Where/How can I find free FedEx Express boxes to use with the FedEx 2Day One Rate service?
Complimentary FedEx Express packaging is available at FedEx retail locations including FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Centers, FedEx Authorized Ship Centers and Office Depot Office Max locations. Visit to find a location near you.

FedEx 2 Day One Rates are calculated based on cubic volume at the following sizes:

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