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eBay Managed Payments, selling fees, PayPal & more!

Etsy Fee Glitch Impacting Singapore Sellers Members Public

Etsy sellers in Singapore experience frightening glitch resulting in $14,000+ fees assessed in error.


eBay Canada Will Collect Marketplace Sales Tax July 1st Members Public

eBay Canada will begin to collect & remit applicable marketplace sales taxes to appropriate authorities July 1, 2022.


eBay Prorated Fees For Partial Refunds Effective May 23 Members Public

eBay will begin crediting sellers prorated Final Value Fees on partial refunds effective May 23, 2022


eBay Updates Marketing Terms, Ads For Stores Coming Soon? Members Public

eBay updated Marketing Terms - changes to ad fee calculation, ads for Stores coming soon?


eBay UK Northern Ireland VAT Pricing Glitch Members Public

Northern Ireland eBay sellers report alarming glitch allowing items to be purchased for less than advertised price due to apparent VAT snafu.


PayPal No Longer Available Payment Option On eBay? Members Public

eBay users notice PayPal is no longer showing on listings as an available payment option.


eBay UK Lowers Per Order Fee For Home, Furniture & DIY Members Public

eBay UK announces per order fee for business sellers in Home, Furniture and DIY dropping to 10p for sales £10 or less.


eBay Spring Seller Update 2022 - Fees & Financials Members Public

Spring 2022 eBay Seller Update Fees & Financials -on demand payouts & spendable funds.

Seller Updates

eBay Payments Open Circuit Error 443 In App Members Public

eBay sellers report receiving an Open Circuit error 443 preventing checking payment transactions in mobile app.


eBay Wallet Spendable Funds Rolls Out By Invitation Only Members Public

eBay Wallet Spendable Funds rolls out by invitation only - allowing sellers to use sales funds to buy on the platform.


Adyen Expands Financial & Banking Services For Marketplaces Members Public

Adyen expands beyond payments to offer multi-currency accounts, instant payouts, working capital loans & more for marketplace clients like eBay & Etsy.


eBay Updated Payment Terms 3/14/22 Members Public

eBay updated payments terms of use March 14, 2022 - check out the most important changes & additions!


eBay Managed Payments Glitch - No Payout Scheduled Members Public

eBay sellers report a glitch showing no payouts are scheduled despite having available funds in their Managed Payments accounts.

Fees & Payments

PayPal Opens More Services, Waives Fees For Ukraine Members Public

PayPal is responding to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine by opening up more services and waiving fees.


eBay Wallet & New Payments Features Members Public

eBay announces virtual wallet, more payout options, working capital loans, plus wire transfers & split payments for high ASP items.


eBay Winter Update Final Value Fee Increase - Deep Dive Members Public

eBay Winter Update said fees would go up 0.3% for most sellers with stores & 0.35% for most sellers without stores, but that's not the whole story.

Fees & Payments

eBay Payments Glitch - Can't Pay Fees, Outstanding Balance Members Public

eBay sellers are reporting a glitch affecting deducting selling fees from Managed Payments balance or back up payment method on file.

Tech Issues

Can eBay Managed Payments Funds Be Used For Purchases? Members Public

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone has promised ways to use eBay Payments balance for purchases since 2020 - is it ever going to happen?

Fees & Payments

Etsy Cancels Fees For Sellers In Ukraine Members Public

Etsy is cancelling all current balances owed by sellers in Ukraine in response to the ongoing conflict in the region.


Is eBay Exploring Cryptocurrency? Members Public

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone hints at exploring cryptocurrency, but is it just a post-earnings Hail Mary?

Fees & Payments

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