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Mercari Increases Fees Again, Follows in eBay's Footsteps Members Public

Mercari is raising fees again, taking a page from eBay's playbook in the process.


Etsy Sellers' Funds Frozen In Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Members Public

Sellers panic as Etsy misses payouts due to Silicon Valley Bank collapse.


Major Money Grab In eBay Promoted Listings Update Members Public

eBay just made a major money grab with promoted listings ads - here's what you need to know!


eBay Germany Ends Fees For Private Sellers Members Public

eBay private sellers in Germany will no longer pay listing or Final Value Fees, effective March 1, 2023.


eBay Gallery Plus Fee Charged In Error 2-15-23 Members Public

eBay fee update implementation goes wrong, charges some sellers Gallery Plus fee in error.


Shopify Increases Plan Prices Significantly Across The Board Members Public

Shopify announces price increase effective immediately for new accounts & on April 23 for existing merchants.


Amazon & Stripe Expand Partnership, Dive Into Buy With Prime Members Public

Amazon & Stripe expanding corporate partnership to include payments Prime, Audible, Kindle, Amazon Pay, Buy With Prime, & more.


eBay Can't Process Refund Error 1-20-23 Members Public

eBay sellers report errors preventing processing refunds.


Etsy Causes Panic With Shop Suspended Bank Verification Glitch Members Public

Etsy sellers see red as glitch falsely reports shops suspended due to failed bank account verification.


Did You Know eBay Charges Promoted Listing Ad Fees On Tax & Shipping? Members Public

eBay sellers surprised to learn Promoted Listings ad fees apply to total sale including shipping & tax.


eBayUK Errors Processing Refunds, On Demand Payouts January 17, 2023 Members Public

eBay UK sellers report errors when processing refunds, requesting on demand payouts.


Etsy Checkout Error - There Was A Problem With Your Order Members Public

Etsy experiencing intermittent checkout errors, buyers receive "There was a problem with your order" message.


Etsy Ads Overspending, Going Over Budget Members Public

Sellers report Etsy ads are going over daily budget limit, costing additional fees they had not intended to incur.


Amazon's Holiday Ad Glitch Costs Add Up Members Public

Amazon glitch caused under or overspending for some advertisers - now they want answers & refunds.


eBayUK Sellers Ask Where Are The Final Value Fee Promos? Members Public

UK sellers wonder if eBay is cutting back on discounted Final Value Fee promotions in 2023.


Poshmark Runs $10K Giveaway Listing Event To Kick Off New Year Members Public

Poshmark sweepstakes kicks off new year with $10,000 giveaways each week in January.


Etsy Automatically Refunding Claims Over $250, Even With Signature Members Public

Etsy sellers alarmed by uptick in claims being automatically refunded, even with signature confirmation of delivery.


eBay Courts Cash-Strapped Brits With ReSELLution New Seller Promo Members Public

eBayUK looks to capitalize on cost of living crisis to bring in new sellers with New Year's ReSELLution promo.