eBay UK Drops Direct Nectar Connection, Leaving Buyers In Lurch On Popular Rewards Scheme

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Popular shopping rewards site Nectar and eBay are parting ways in the UK, with direct linking of Nectar to eBay accounts being removed as of September 1, 2024.

Buyers were notified of upcoming changes today, with an announcement stating that the direct integration with eBay will end on August 31 but they'll still be able to collect Nectar points on eBay transactions when they shop eBay via the Nectar app or website instead.

Important news for eBay Nectar collectors

From the 1st of September 2024, the way you collect and spend Nectar points with eBay is changing.

You will no longer be able to collect or spend Nectar points directly on the eBay website or app, and your Nectar and eBay accounts will be unlinked.

However, you will be able to collect Nectar points on your eBay transactions when you shop via Nectar. Simply search for eBay on the Nectar app or website and click out to the eBay website or app to make your purchase.

Any vouchers that you have already created on eBay before 31st August will remain valid on eBay until their expiration. Any points you have collected will remain in your Nectar account ready for you to spend on the things you’d like from our other partners like Sainsbury’s, Argos, Esso, British Airways and many more.

Head to https://www.nectar.com/eshops to find out more.

eBay has also provided an informational page with FAQ about the change and how the transition will be handled.

An important update on eBay and Nectar | eBay.co.uk
An important update on eBay and Nectar
  • Until the 31st of August, you can continue to collect Nectar points on eligible eBay purchases and convert your points into eBay Vouchers.
  • Your Nectar points balance will remain available for you to view in your Nectar account
  • Any vouchers you have will remain valid for us on eBay until their expiration date

Buyers in the eBay UK community forums are expressing their disappointment and speculating that eBay may have discontinued the relationship as a cost saving measure.

Nectar Points and Ebay, things are changing
It looks like the relationship between Nectar and eBay is changing, as i’ve just had this email from Nectar “From the 1st of September, the way you collect and spend Nectar points with eBay is changing. You will no longer be able to collect or spend Nectar points directly on the eBay website or a…

From a consumer point of view, I don't see that the change is needed.

It must be a cost-saving exercise for eBay.

I would think eBay would encourage people to shop at eBay rather than discourage them!

Apparently there was sometimes issues with nectar points not tracking or accounts not linking properly ( personally 99% of the time mine worked fine with only an occasional issue).

Therefore to improve this they have completely ended the rewards programme, hence no more issues with points not tracking!!!!!Thanks Nectar, Thanks Ebay, youve really out did yourself this time....

Wow! Ebay has bleep in its own nest this time! Ebay is overpriced and everybody knows this, so using nectar vouchers helped to reduce costs. I don't think I have ever not used nectar point vouches to buy items from ebay. Looks like I'm back to cheaper Amazon prices then.

Ebay is pointless without vouchers, especially for survey lovers who are paid in points and like to spend them on eBay. The people who do surveys all day and get paid in nectar points to spend on eBay will just convert them to Amazon vouchers now and pay less there.

What a disaster for eBay this will be.

How will eBay discontinuing direct linking with Nectar impact your buying habits on the site? Let us know in the comments below!

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