It started as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek joke from a friend about what I should name this blog- but the more I thought about it, the more I realized when it comes to online selling, sometimes the most valuable resource we have is each other.

When you need a deeper perspective, or want to understand what something really means in practice vs. boilerplate policy pages and jargon, brainstorming and collaborating with other sellers often leads to "sum is greater than the parts" results.

My name's Liz. With over a decade in ecommerce experience from small Mom & Pop operations to multi-million dollar SMEs, I've found there's no substitute for grit, determination, trial and error, and a little help from expert users in the field.

I’m a huge advocate of lifelong learning and believe shared experience and knowledge are key to creating better online tools, marketplaces, businesses, and user experiences.

This blog is my attempt to share some insight and hopefully learn from others too. I hope like-minded sellers and ecommerce entrepreneurs will join me!