Seller Updates

Ecommerce marketplace seller updates, policy & user agreement changes

eBay's KnownOrigin Winds Down On-Chain Marketplace & Minters For NFT Cryptoart Members Public

eBay's KnownOrigin is winding down on-chain marketplace & minters 2 years after acquisition as NFT cryptoart bubble fizzles out.


eBay Payment Terms Of Use Update July 23, 2024 Members Public

eBay Payments Terms of Use update set for July 23, 2024 with changes to Identity Verification, Disputes & Seller Protection, 1099-Ks, Klarna & more!


Depop Expands No Selling Fees To US Market As Pre-Loved Clothing Competition Heats Up Members Public

Etsy-owned Depop is going full speed ahead with new fee structure, expanding no selling fees to US after similar changes in UK earlier this year.


eBay's New Ads Dashboard Promises Intuitive Design & Advanced Tech; Sellers See Less Transparency Members Public

eBay's new Ads Dashboard promises simplified, intuitive experience will lay the foundation for sales velocity & growth - can it live up to the hype?


eBay Send Offer Change Removes Option To Add Coupons, Curtailing Repeat Buyer Activity Members Public

eBay Send Offer UX changes remove option to add coupon for future order, curtailing important tool to drive repeat buying traffic.


eBay Introduces Automatic Positive Feedback For New UK Sellers Members Public

eBay testing providing automatic positive feedback ratings for some UK sellers as global feedback & ratings overhaul continues.


Etsy Updates Mature Content Policy With New Limitations On Nudity, Adult Toys & Sexual Accessories Members Public

Etsy has updated their Adult Nudity, Sexual & Mature Content policies, cracking down on explicit content & items across the site.


Unannounced eBay Feedback Changes Cause Confusion & Concern Members Public

New unannounced changes to eBay feedback page design raises buyer & seller concerns as user feedback continues to morph into product reviews.


eBay User Agreement Update July 2024 - AI Use, Binding Contracts & Content Moderation Members Public

eBay user agreement update July 2024- get a side by side comparison of changes to AI use, binding purchases, content & conduct moderation & more!


eBay Summer 2024 Seller Update Members Public

eBay's 2024 Seller Update is here with marketing & advertising changes, reporting & payment updates, international shipping, regulations & more!


eBay Summer 2024 Seller Update: Streamlined Ad Portfolio & Experience Members Public

eBay is streamlining Promoted Listings ad experience with simplified portfolio of products & enhanced metric tracking capabilities.


Etsy Sellers Can Now Set Holiday Processing Schedules - Check Your Settings! Members Public

Etsy sellers in US & Canada can now set processing schedules to allow extra time for some holiday closures - but check those settings carefully!


Will The Old Etsy Listing Form Really Be Retired On June 25th? Members Public

As sellers frantically prepare for old listing form retirement, will Etsy delay switch to new form until tech issues & bugs are finally worked out?


eBay Quietly Solicits "Ghost Listing" Reports; Sellers Feel Ghosted By Lack Of Support & Communication Members Public

eBay has a new way to report "ghost listings" when a previously sold item reappears for sale, but lack of support leaves sellers feeling ghosted.


eBay Product & Price Research Changes Raise Concerns About Transparency & Relevancy Members Public

Recent changes to eBay Product & Price Research tools are raising questions about transparency & relevancy of data shown to sellers on the site.


eBay Says It's Making Express Payout Simpler, But Watch Out- It May Be More Expensive Too Members Public

eBay is making changes to Express Payout offering, promising the process will be simpler while downplaying increased expense for some sellers.


eBay For Business Facebook Page Shuts Down, Redirects To Main eBay Profile Members Public

eBay For Business seller support Facebook page shuts down, users directed to main profile instead as eBay looks to consolidate customer service.


eBay Testing New AI Search & Discovery Features To Curate Personalized Search Experience Members Public

eBay tests adding generative AI more overtly into search & discovery with conversational query prompting to curate more personalized results.


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