Whatnot Launches Seller API, Discovery Improvements & Referral Codes

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Whatnot continues product improvements and updates with a new Seller API, improvements to product discovery and category structure, and the opportunity to "share the savings" with referral codes.

Seller API

The Whatnot Seller API, allows sellers to connect directly to Whatnot so they no longer have to manually update inventory or risk overselling products on other channels.

The Seller API is currently in a private beta test and interested sellers can fill out a form to request access.

Share Savings with Referral Codes

Whatnot referral codes make it easy to share savings with buyers who shop your shows. The new referral codes work alongside existing referral link, giving more ways drive new buyers to your shows and build your Whatnot community.

How it works:

  • Finding your referral code: Tap the yellow gift icon at the top of the app home screen to enter the Referral Hub and access your personal referral code.
  • Sharing your referral code: Share your code with your community on social media, in videos, on podcasts, really anywhere!
  • Applying your referral code: To redeem your referral code, your new potential buyers will need to apply your code to their Whatnot Wallet and enter your code in the β€˜Promotion code’ field. They can also redeem referral codes during checkout for Buy-It-Now items

Product Discovery and Category Enhancements

Whatnot is making changes to categories in the coming months to increase audience engagement and drive more buyers to your livestreams.

Planned enhancements include:

  • Fewer but denser top level Categories with larger audiences, and more Communities/Sub-categories underneath to maximize the number of buyers who see your shows.
  • More communities included in the β€œAnd Whatnot” Category, making it a more fun and exciting place to sell with more opportunities for sellers in smaller communities to grow together.
  • More flexible show scheduling tools to more easily find the right Category and Community to sell in, with the ability to change your Category and show details in the middle of the show to target a new audience. 
  • Dedicated fields for Show Formats and Auction types like Breaks, Mystery, $1 Starts, and Sudden Death so we can better improve recommendations and filtering for buyers

What do you think of Whatnot's ongoing product improvements? Let us know in the comments below!


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