Whatnot Adds New Tools For Saving Drafts, Managing Inventory & Tracking Stats

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Live selling platform Whatnot continues their impressive pace of product updates, adding new tools and features that may be particularly helpful for multi-channel sellers looking to branch out from competitors like eBay.

Drafts, Inventory Management & Listing Creation

Sellers will soon be able to save drafts of item listings across the web, iOS and Android app experience, allowing them to take their time to get product details just right or start a listing in app and finish it via web browser.

That ability to go back and forth between web and app could be especially helpful when used with another new feature called Mobile Capture.

Many sellers may prefer creating product listings on the web but want to use their phone to take pictures. Mobile Capture allows sellers to scan a QR code and take pictures that will then automatically be added to a draft or published product in real-time.

Whatnot is also updating their popular CSV Uploader with new features to help create and manage inventory.

  • Speed and reliability: We’ve improved the way the CSV upload feature works to make it faster and more reliable to accurately upload all your products.
  • Easily publish across Whatnot: Your products can now show up on your profile shop and across all of Whatnot’s discovery surfaces like search and feed, in addition to your live shows.
  • Bulk editing: Quickly update attributes of multiple products at once.
  • Draft support: Not quite ready to publish your CSV upload? Save all the products as drafts for later.
  • Introducing private fields, starting with SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold): You can now track your own identification number for products as well as your cost basis to make managing your inventory easier (without surfacing this info to your viewers).

Promote Tools Dashboard Reporting

Sellers who use Whatnot's paid advertising products Show Boost and Show Promotion are also getting some upgrades to the dashboard reporting tool to provide visibility into metrics and campaign performance on a show level as well as better return-on-investment (ROI) data in the post-show screen and Seller Hub.

The product team at Whatnot has been busy with other updates and improvements as well, like a Seller API, improved discovery, new ways to refer new sellerstools to help new sellers get comfortable going live, non-live Auctions and Video listings, a Free Pickup option and enhanced card break experience.

Whatnot Adds Free Pickup Option, Updates Card Breaking Experience
Live selling platform Whatnot continues product updates with new Free Pickup option and enhanced card break experience.

Stay up to date with Whatnot's product updates by visiting their company blog and let us know in the comments below about your Whatnot buying and selling experiences!

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