Are Changes To eBay Payments Coming Soon?

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay may be looking to beef up its Payments offerings, if open job positions are any indication.

I've been tracking jobs at eBay for about 2 months now and while it appears hiring in general may be slowing down at the company, there are a few areas where it looks like they are ramping up hiring - Crypto & NFTs and now Payments.

eBay is looking to fill the following roles:

Sr Product Manager - Payments Platform at eBay
Learn more about applying for Sr Product Manager - Payments Platform at eBay

Sr Product Manager - Payments Platform

eBay is looking for an experienced Product Manager to help design, shape, and drive product solutions for the eBay’s Payment and Billing Platform. This person will drive Cash Management, Monetization and Billing initiatives, provide world class frictionless user experience and requires balance of global consistency and efficiency with a design to contend locally in markets around the world.

Payments Fraud Strategy Manager at eBay
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Payments Fraud Strategy Manager

The Global Risk & Protections function at eBay works to ensure phenomenal experiences when buyers and sellers come together and engage in commerce on the biggest marketplace in the world. This involves comprehensively understanding Payments & Risks on platform. Identifying the opportunity areas and helping build scalable solutions to drive outstanding user experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop significant insights that improve risk controls based on large incidents, near misses, product and portfolio analysis.
  • Help develop and implement risk policy frameworks to manage credit risk, products and portfolio threats, access policies, fraud prevention, limits and funds availability and more

I'm very happy to see eBay focusing on Payments fraud. Sellers have been plagued by chargebacks since the transition to Managed Payments and eBay so far has done very little to help - simply shrugging it off and telling sellers it's a "cost of doing business."

eBay’s Growing Chargeback Problem
Chargebacks are a hot button topic for sellers in Managed Payments. What can eBay do about this growing problem?

Accounting Systems Manager at eBay
Learn more about applying for Accounting Systems Manager at eBay

Accounting Systems Manager

This role will be primarily responsible for supporting eBay's Global Payments initiatives, including the expansion of the digital wallet offering buyers additional forms of payments, and overseeing the integration of those payments into our financial accounting systems.

This role will also support the automation of cash movements between eBay and its Payment processing partners, and ensure on-demand money movements are properly recorded from an accounting and reconciliation perspective.

From the description it sounds like this role may have more to do with eBay's internal accounting systems, which may or may not do much to directly help sellers.

What we really need is for eBay to step up their game on accounting and reconciliation capabilities offered to sellers. eBay's financial reporting (or lack thereof) for Managed Payments has been a sore subject for sellers since the program first started rolling out in 2018.

Should eBay Announce Changes To Financial Reports?
A seller has some strong words for eBay’s lack of notice about changes to business impacting financial reports.
eBay Managed Payments Reporting Problems With Foreign Currency
As eBay nears completion of the transition to Managed Payments, sellers are concerned about financial reporting for foreign currency transactions on non-US eBay sites.

So far eBay has mostly just steered sellers toward 3rd party partners to tackle accounting challenges, including pushing a special offer for Quickbooks.

eBay Managed Payments Integrates With Quickbooks
eBay Managed Payments has a new integration with Quickbooks & a discount for new Quickbooks subscribers.

Many sellers who were disappointed when GoDaddy shut down its online bookkeeping software suggested eBay should buy it and offer it directly to sellers as part of their store subscription plans.

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping To Be Discontinued June 18
Sellers using GoDaddy Bookkeeping informed service will be discontinued in June, Quickbooks offered as alternative.

R0055346 Dir, Prod-Payments, $$ Movement at eBay
Learn more about applying for R0055346 Dir, Prod-Payments, $$ Movement at eBay

Director Product - Payments, $$ Movement

The Payments team at eBay is looking for an experienced Product Director Lead to help design, build, and deliver innovative solutions for our global customers via eBay’s Payments Platform. As eBay’s marketplace business continues to grow, we are unlocking new experiences and use cases for our customers everyday. In order to enable these experiences and use cases, we need to build a flexible, robust and scalable platform with a customer centric mindset.

This role will be responsible for building this customer centric payments platform that meets growing and evolving global as well as local market needs.

Back at eBay's Investor Day in March, Chief Growth Officer Julie Loeger gave a preview of some of the new payments features on the roadmap including a virtual wallet with Spendable Funds allowing sellers to use sale proceeds for purchases on the platform, on demand payout options, working capital loans, wire transfers and split payments for high average selling price items, and more.

eBay Wallet & New Payments Features
eBay announces virtual wallet, payout options, working capital, wire transfers & split payments for high ASP items.

We now have express payout to a debit card and Spendable Funds is in early stages phased testing.

How To Set Up eBay Express Payout To Debit Card
What sellers need to know about how to set up eBay express payouts to a debit card.
eBay Spendable Funds - What You Need To Know
eBay Spendable Funds lets sellers use Payments balance for purchases on the platform - here’s what you need to know.

However, both products have experience a less than smooth launch, with sellers reporting problems verifying their accounts or having the features suddenly no longer available to them despite previously successfully enrolling and using them.

Problems With eBay On Demand Payout, Spendable Funds
eBay sellers report problems with on demand immediate payout to a debit card & spendable funds.

eBay last updated their Payments Terms of Use in March 2022 to add in language supporting some of those new payments initiatives. I'll be keeping a close eye for more changes and of course, with a Fall Seller Update likely in the next few weeks, there will probably be more info "coming soon" - will it be "good news sellers"?

In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what changes and updates you'd like to see with eBay Payments!

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