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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


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eBay News

eBay has updated their Payments Terms of Service, finally acknowledging they earn interest on payments and granting themselves the ability to slow payout schedules for new sellers.

eBay Admits Earning Interest In Payment Terms Update October 2023
eBay payments terms of service update October 26, 2023 includes interest earned on payments, EU DAC7 obligations & removal of RatePay in Germany.

UK Buy Now, Pay Later company Zilch reportedly receives low single digit millions in backing from eBay Ventures in a deal that values the company at ~$2 Billion.

eBay Ventures Backs UK BNPL Company Zilch With Low Single Digit Millions Investment
UK Buy Now, Pay Later company Zilch reportedly receives low single digit million dollar investment from eBay Ventures.

eBay sellers live in fear of Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) copyright strikes as increasing regulatory and legal scrutiny causes the platform to crackdown on suspected counterfeits and intellectual property violations.

One particularly foggy VeRO claim conflates the initials of a brand, Fear of God LLC (FoG) with item specifics stating the manufacturer designated color name for a completely unrelated item is "fog."

Foggy VeRO Claim Strikes Fear Into Heart Of eBay Seller
eBay seller hit with VeRO claim conflating brand name, Fear of God with item specifics stating color for unrelated item is “fog.”

eBay execs have recently been making the media rounds talking up the company's magical AI image recognition capabilities, but mobile app users report searching by image is increasingly providing completely irrelevant results.

Picture Imperfect: eBay Image Search Struggles With Relevance
eBay app users report search by image increasingly returns irrelevant results, despite “magical” AI image recognition tech.

eBay shipping supplies seller has introduced a new envelope specifically designed for shipping trading cards with eBay Standard Envelope service.

The Trading Card Envelope Kit includes 100 white #10 size envelopes with solid cardboard inserts for protection and a 3-pocket insert that can support up to 24 trader cards.

eBay Shipping Supplies Debuts Trading Card Kit For eBay Standard Envelope Service
eBay shipping supplies seller introduces envelope specifically designed for trading cards using eBay Standard Envelope service.

Standard Envelope service also expanded this week to include more categories including Patches, Stickers & Decals, Greeting Cards, and Seeds.

eBay Standard Envelope Expands To Patches, Stickers, Greeting Cards & More!
eBay Standard Envelope service expands to include Patches, Stickers & Decals, Greeting Cards, and Seeds.

Unfortunately, several sellers report trouble adding eBay Standard Envelope to their listings due to confusion about which sub-categories qualify for the service.

eBay Standard Envelope Expansion Hits Category Snag
Expansion of eBay Standard Envelope shipping to stickers, patches, & greeting cards hits snag, sellers can’t update listings to offer service.

An eBay feedback snafu caused confusion and concern this week with feedback pages defaulting to "most relevant" sort order instead of "most recent" and "feedback left for others" temporarily removed all together.

The changes were eventually reverted, leaving users wondering if it was a technical glitch that was fixed (as community staff reported) or if eBay reversed course on an intentional change after overwhelming negative feedback from both buyers and sellers.

eBay Changes Feedback Sort Order, Removes Feedback Left For Others
eBay changes feedback display to “most relevant” instead of “most recent”, “feedback left for others” removed all together.

eBay users are struggling to find seller promotions in latest iteration of Item Page design testing and sellers worry it could be negatively impacting sales.

eBay View Item Page Testing Buries Seller Promotions
eBay buyers struggle to find seller promotions in latest View Item page design test, sellers worry it may negatively impact sales.

The last eBay seller check in of the year is just around the corner with a holiday-themed event planned for November 16, 2023 at 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern.

eBay Holiday Seller Check In Slated For November 16, 2023
eBay’s last Seller Check In for 2023 is just around the corner with holiday-themed event slated for November 16.


eBay open job positions are now down to 138, a ~30% reduction from the 196 active posts just 2 weeks ago.

The previous regional breakdown still has not been restored, but we've been able to piece together the data to reveal which areas have seen the most reductions.

Could Hiring Slowdown, Layoffs Be On The Horizon At eBay?
As pandemic-fueled ecom boom wanes, tech companies are slowing hiring, announcing layoffs - is eBay next?

Other Ecommerce News

Etsy sellers who use various apps to sync their stores with Shopify are experiencing sudden item deactivations with no warning and no explanation from support.

Etsy Item Deactivations Plague Sellers Using Certain Shopify Integration Apps
Etsy sellers using various apps to sync their stores with Shopify report sudden item deactivations with no warning & no support.

Etsy-owned fashion marketplace Depop is looking to ramp up Q4 sales in Australia with special no selling fee offers to bring in new sellers and reactivate dormant ones.

Depop Australia Ramps Up Q4 Sales With Fee Free Offer For New & Dormant Sellers
Etsy-owned fashion marketplace Depop is looking to ramp up Q4 sales in Australia with no selling fee offers for new & dormant sellers.

And Mercari is launching an Ambassador affiliate program in Japan, rewarding users who share items for sale on social media and blogs with a 2% commission on the sale price.

Mercari Ambassador Affiliate Program Launches In Japan
Mercari launches Ambassador affiliate program rewarding users sharing items on social media & blogs with 2% sales commission.

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