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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

As eBay/TCGPlayer union members continue to fight for their first contract, organizer Briana Thomas was one of seven young leaders invited to the White House this week to meet with President Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Labor Secretary Julie Su to discuss issues facing their industries.

eBay TCGPlayer Union Leader Meets With President Biden On Labor Issues
eBay TCGPlayer union organizer Briana Thomas discussed industry issues with President, Sen Sanders & Labor Sec Julie Su.

eBay is dropping the "used" condition option for trading cards, moving to label cards as "graded" or "ungraded" instead.

eBay Drops “Used” Trading Card Condition, Moves To Graded Or Ungraded
eBay is dropping “used” condition for trading cards, moving to label cards as “graded” or “ungraded” instead.

Initiatives to cut back on unpaid items continue, with eBay expanding immediate pay option to auctions as well as offers.

eBay Expands Immediate Pay Requirement Test To Auctions
eBay expands Immediate Payment Required test to auctions, automatically opting sellers in without warning.

eBay's efforts to improve the View Item page continue with a new design for the Shipping, Returns, and Payment info section of the listing page.

eBay Revamps Shipping & Return Info Tab On View Item Page
eBay’s efforts to improve View Item page continue with new design for Shipping, Returns & Payment info display.

Other changes to View Item page indicate eBay may be testing removing many of the Promoted Listings ads from the listing page - are they finally realizing the strategy of stuffing over 100 ads on each page isn't working?

Has eBay Finally Realized Promoted Listing Ad Stuffing Has Gone Too Far?
Apparent test removes most Promoted Listings ads from View Item page - has eBay realized ad stuffing strategy isn’t working?

Server errors and glitches have plagued the site even more than usual this week.

Buyers received an "oops, we had a technical hiccup" error message when trying to file item not received cases or return requests.

eBay Item Not Received, Return Requests Hit Technical Hiccup Snag
eBay buyers receive technical hiccup error message when trying to file item not received cases or returns.

Some sellers have been unable to end listings for days using Seller Hub.

eBay Listings Won’t End 7-21-23
Some sellers have been unable to end listings for several days as another tough tech week at eBay continues.

Buyers are unable to select some items from multi-variation drop down menus.

eBay Multi-Variation Listing Glitch, Can’t Select From Drop Down
eBay multi-variation listing glitch causes menu to rapidly auto-scroll, preventing buyers from selecting desired option.

And sellers are not able to edit or manage their variation listings, with eBay saying "it's not you, it's us."

eBay Manage Variation Listings Error - It’s Not You, It’s Them
eBay’s servers are having a rough week with outages & errors impacting both buyer & seller experience.

Other Ecommerce News

Etsy's increasing application of account reserves to hold seller funds has gained mainstream media attention in the UK, leaving sellers in the US and other countries wondering why the company isn't receiving similar scrutiny for the practice.

Etsy Reserves Gain UK Media Attention, Will US Follow?
Etsy’s account reserves holding seller funds is gaining media attention in the UK, increasing scrutiny of the practice.

Etsy has jettisoned it's unprofitable Brazilian marketplace Elo7, selling it off to Enjoei S.A. for an undisclosed sum.

Etsy Sells Off Brazilian Marketplace Elo7
Etsy has entered into agreement to sell Brazilian marketplace Elo7 to Enjoei S.A for undisclosed sum.

Etsy recently introduced a feature that allows sellers to include weekends in their processing times. It was supposed to be 100% optional, but now some sellers are reporting being automatically opted in without notice or consent.

Etsy Auto-Opts Some Sellers Into Weekend Processing Time
Etsy’s weekend order processing is supposed to be optional, but some sellers report being auto-opted in without notice.

UK marketplace OnBuy has introduced a new cashback program offering 1% guaranteed on all items and extra rewards for its most loyal customers.

OnBuy Launches Cashback Loyalty Program
OnBuy’s new cashback program is here, with 1% guaranteed & extra rewards for its most loyal customers.

Funko founder and CEO Brian Mariotti has abruptly stepped down from his position, announcing he will return to serve on the company's Board of Directors after a leave of absence, though an exact date was not was not disclosed.

Funko CEO Steps Down, Will Return To Board After Leave Of Absence
Funko founder CEO Brian Mariotti has abruptly stepped down, will return to serve on Board after leave of absence.

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