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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


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eBay News

September 4th, 2023 marked a historic occasion as TCGPlayer authentication workers celebrated their first Labor Day as eBay's very first union!

eBay’s First Union Marks Historic Labor Day, Calls On Company To Bargain In Good Faith
TCGPlayer authenticators celebrate first Labor Day as eBay’s first union, call on company to bargain in good faith.

eBay teases new Magical Listing tool that can create a whole listing from just an image, but given the current state of image recognition technology on the platform will this new tool live up to the hype?

eBay Teases Magical AI Listing Creation Using Only An Image
eBay teases magical AI listing tool to create listings using only an image - will it live up to the hype?

eBay has a new Chief Risk & Compliance Officer as Ryan Jones joins the company after 5 years as Chief Compliance Officer Payments for AirBnB.

eBay Snags New Chief Risk & Compliance Officer From AirBnB
eBay has a new Chief Risk & Compliance Officer as Ryan Jones joins the company after 5 years at AirBnB.

While there are a host of issues at eBay that need Jones' urgent attention, consumer safety should be top of the list, starting with the Paqui One Chip Challenge product that has been recalled from stores due to concerns that this super spicy snack may be to blame in the death of a Massachusetts teen.

Despite an eBay spokesperson's assurances that consumer safety is a top priority at the company, sales of this product continue unabated with eBay earning ad revenue on top of final value fee commissions.

eBay Flouts Consumer Safety With Paqui One Chip Challenge Inaction
eBay flouts safety concerns as super spicy One Chip Challenge is removed from stores but still actively sold on the site.

When Jones is done there, a strategic review of transparent marketing principles and regulatory compliance obligations around media placements wouldn't hurt either.

eBay has leaned heavily on media and influencers to appeal to enthusiast buyers of sneakers, luxury handbags, watches, trading cards, jewelry, car parts and more - but are paid promotions blurring ethical and regulatory lines?

Does eBay’s Media & Influencer Strategy Blur Ethical, Regulatory Lines With Paid Promotion?
As eBay leans on media & influencers for focus vertical strategy are ethical & regulatory lines blurred by paid promotions?

eBay has made unannounced changes to how messaging and the Blocked Buyer List function to filter out communication - here's what you need to know!

eBay Changes How Messages Work With Blocked Buyer List
eBay makes unannounced change to how messaging & Blocked Buyer List function to filter out communication.

Changes are coming to how sellers will be charged for UPS and FedEx labels purchased through eBay, with payment being taken upfront as soon as the label is printed and any cost adjustments handled after delivery.

eBay Changes When UPS & FedEx Label Costs Are Charged To Sellers
eBay has notified sellers they will soon be charged upfront for UPS & FedEx labels purchased through the site.

eBay has not taken action despite being notified weeks ago of scam software listings with potentially dangerous links injected in subtitles and descriptions.

And once again, eBay has a financial conflict of interest as they are making ad revenue on many of the fraudulent listings.

eBay Scam Software Listings Insert Malicious Links In Subtitle & Description
Suspicious eBay software listings with malicious links in subtitle & description direct buyers off site to steal payment info.

And finally, tune in this week for eBay Open 2023 sneak peek and monthly community chat!

eBay Open 2023 Sneak Peek Preview Slated For September 14
Tune in this week for a preview of eBay Open 2023 seller conference and the monthly eBay community chat!

Other Ecommerce News

Etsy is introducing an incentive program to entice sellers to share their items on social media to drive traffic and sales - but watch out if you use Off Site Ads and pay close attention to the terms and conditions!

Etsy Introduces Share & Save Marketing Incentive For Sellers
Etsy discount incentive entices sellers to share items on social media - but watch out if you use Off Site Ads!

AI search experience leader Director Engineering Nicolas Loeff has left Etsy to found his own AI startup.

Etsy AI-Based Search Leader Exits To Found Own AI Startup
Etsy has lost leader of their AI search teams as Director Engineering Nicolas Loeff exits to found own AI startup.

Amazon Accelerate seller conference will take place both in person and virtually September 13-14.

Amazon Sets Date For 2023 Accelerate Seller Conference
Amazon announces annual seller conference Amazon Accelerate will be held in Seattle September 13-14, 2023.

Online marketplace Mercari is investing in Tokyo-based startup behind Fake Busters AI-powered authenticity detection service for branded goods in $5.8 million US funding round.

Mercari Invests In Fake Busters AI-Powered Authentication
Mercari invests in startup behind Fake Busters AI-powered authenticity detection service in $5.8 million funding round.

Flexport CEO Dave Clark was abruptly forced to resign this week, as founder Ryan Petersen takes the helm again with plans to refocus the company on core freight business.

CEO Dave Clark Abruptly Exits Flexport As Company Refocuses On Core Freight Business
Flexport CEO Dave Clark steps down as founder Ryan Petersen returns with plans to refocus on core freight business.

UPS has announced rates will be increasing an average ~5.9% in December and released information about holiday season 2023 peak demand surcharges that will go into effect in October.

UPS Raises Rates 5.9%, Releases Holiday 2023 Demand Surcharges
UPS announces rates will increase ~5.9% in December & releases holiday 2023 peak demand surcharges effective October 1.

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