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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!


The dates for eBay Open 2023 have changed! In person eBay Studio events in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Phoenix will now be held on September 26 and the online virtual seller conference will take place September 27-29.

eBay Open 2023 Online & In Person September 26-29
eBay Open 2023 September 26-29 will once again be a hybrid event with in person eBay Studios & online presentations.

eBay News

eBay Ventures is partnering with TechStars to launch Future of Ecommerce pre-seed accelerator program for early stage startups.

eBay Ventures Partners With TechStars On Pre-Seed Accelerator Program
eBay Ventures & TechStars launch Future of Ecommerce pre-seed accelerator for early stage startups.

TCGPlayer sellers have been given only a weeks warning that comic books will no longer be able to be sold on the platform effective June 15, as ex-eBay Canada GM Rob Bigler is settling in to his new CEO role and working to integrate the business into eBay's operations.

TCGPlayer also bid farewell to CFO Jerome Kapelus this week as part of the ongoing post-acquisition eBay integration process.

TCGPlayer Kills Comics, Loses CFO As eBay Makes Its Mark
TCGPlayer kills off comic books category effective June 15th, CFO exits as eBay ramps up post-acquisition integration.

Buyers and sellers report weeks long delays and customs issues at eBay's International Shipping hub, raising questions about whether eBay is truly ready to take on the load of end to end international logistics.

eBay International Shipping Delays & Customs Issues
Buyers report weeks long delays & customs issues as orders back up at eBay’s International Shipping hub.

eBay Canada has announced protections for sellers who are impacted by current wildfire activity and air quality issues - no protections have yet been announced for US sellers.

eBay To Protect Sellers Affected By Canada Wildfires
eBay Canada offers protections to sellers impacted by wildfire & air quality issues, will update US sellers soon.

Canadian sellers were also advised this week of new item specifics for Fineness and Composition in Coins and Bullion categories to help with tax classification.

New eBay Item Specifics For Coins & Bullion In Canada
eBay Canada announces new item specifics for Fineness, Composition required in Coins & Bullion categories.

eBay's monthly community chat was bumped up a week early to discuss Up & Running Grants - is a Spring/Summer Seller Update on the horizon?

eBay Community Chat June 2023 - Up & Running Grants
eBay June community chat will be all about Up & Running Grants, hints at possible Seller Update next week!

Users experienced multiple eBay glitches on Saturday impacting view counts, express on demand payouts to debit cards, and feedback in the eBay app.

eBay Zero Views, Express Payout & Feedback Glitches 6-10-23
Multiple eBay glitches reported impacting view counts, express payouts & viewing or leaving feedback in app.

Other Ecommerce News

Sellers are wondering if Etsy is trying to push them to use shipping labels purchased through the platform after encountering difficulties manually adding tracking information to orders.

Etsy Sellers Can’t Add Tracking, Prompted To Use Etsy Labels
Etsy sellers unable to enter tracking wonder if purchasing shipping labels from the site may become mandatory.

Etsy sellers report a sudden influx in automated takedowns for not being "handmade", but many innocent victims are being caught in the dragnet as well.

Etsy Takes Down Legitimate Handmade Items In Automated Bot Dragnet
Etsy sellers report increase in legitimate handmade items being deactivated, caught in automated bot dragnet.

The new listing form has been rolled out to all Etsy sellers, with the promise it will make creating and editing listings easier and hassle free - but so far sellers say it leaves a lot to be desired.

Etsy Sellers Struggle With New Listing Form
Etsy rolls out new listing form to all sellers, promising easier item creation - sellers say it leaves a lot to be desired.

Whatnot has launched their first seller-paid ad product with Boosted Livestreams allowing sellers to bid on ad auctions to be featured for 15 minutes in top of category feeds.

Whatnot Launches Ads With Boosted Livestreams
Whatnot Boosted Livestreams allow sellers to bid on ad auctions for 15 minutes in top of category feeds.

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