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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

Sellers in the eBay community are dismayed and perplexed by a seemingly unannounced change that would appear to mandate the use of a cellphone in order to sell on the site - Google Voice or VOIP not accepted!

Should You Be Required To Have A Cellphone To Sell On eBay?
eBay sellers perplexed by unannounced change requiring a textable cellphone number to sell on the site.

eBayUK is looking to capitalize on the cost of living crisis to bring in new sellers to the platform with their New Year's ReSELLution campaign.

But with new seller restrictions putting funds on hold for 14+ days and postage having to be paid upfront, does this promo really help the cash-strapped casual sellers it's aimed at?

eBay Courts Cash-Strapped Brits With ReSELLution New Seller Promo
eBayUK looks to capitalize on cost of living crisis to bring in new sellers with New Year’s ReSELLution promo.

Existing UK sellers are questioning if eBay is cutting back on discounted Final Value Fee promotions as they haven't received their regularly expected offers.

eBayUK Sellers Ask Where Are The Final Value Fee Promos?
UK sellers wonder if eBay is cutting back on discounted Final Value Fee promotions in 2023.

The monthly eBay Community chat for January will be all about business growth and goals with the eBay Growth Advisor team.

eBay January 2023 Monthly Chat - Growth & Goals
eBay Community monthly chat January 11, 2023 will be all about growth & goals with eBay Growth Advisor team.

It's time once again for those words sellers have come to dread - eBay will be requiring new item specifics to be entered for items in multiple categories, effective February 22, 2023.

More eBay Item Specifics Mandates Coming February 22, 2023
eBay to require new item specifics for Collectible Figures; Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV/UTV Parts; & Home Décor.

Other Ecommerce News

Disney has filed a lawsuit against a Florida business for alleged trademark and copyright infringement for selling mouse ears and other Disney-themed items on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Disney Cracks Down On IP Infringement & Resellers
Disney sues FL business, alleging IP infringement for selling mouse ears on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Facebook & Instagram

Jenna Owens has returned to Amazon as Director of World Wide Selling Partner Support after David Graham left the company last month to take a VP position at Intuit.

Jenna Owens Returns To Amazon To Lead Selling Partner Support
Jenna Owens returns to Amazon as Director of Selling Partner Support after David Graham left the co. last month.

Three Cheyenne, Wyoming post offices were reportedly forced to close to deal with a sudden glut of overdue deliveries when Amazon dumped 13,000+ package on them.

Amazon’s 13,000+ Package Dump Closes Wyoming Post Offices
3 Cheyenne, WY post offices were reportedly forced to close when Amazon dumped 13,000+ package on them to deliver.

Etsy sellers are alarmed at a recent uptick in claims being immediately and automatically refunded, even if there is signature confirmation of delivery.

Several sellers are saying they don't feel comfortable listing anything over $250 any more, which may not bode well for Etsy's aspirations of increasing average order values on the site.

Etsy Automatically Refunding Claims Over $250, Even With Signature
Etsy sellers alarmed by uptick in claims being automatically refunded, even with signature confirmation of delivery.

Korean company Naver has completed their acquisition of Poshmark, taking the company private after the merger agreement was approved in a special stockholder meeting.

Poshmark Calls Special Stockholder Meeting 12-27-22
Poshmark to hold virtual stockholder meeting December 27, 8 AM Pacific to vote on merger with Naver.

Poshmark is using a sweepstakes incentive to get sellers listing and kick off the new year with $10,000 giveaways each week in January.

Poshmark Runs $10K Giveaway Listing Event To Kick Off New Year
Poshmark sweepstakes kicks off new year with $10,000 giveaways each week in January.

Pitney Bowes announced Jason Dies has been promoted to a newly created role responsible for overseeing SendTech and Presort Services as well as HR, Info Tech, Marketing, and Comms groups.

The move comes after Hestia Capital Partners leveraged their 6.9% stake in the company to push for re-evaluation of its capital allocation and ecommerce strategies, including possibly considering selling off less profitable segments of the Global Ecommerce business.

Pitney Bowes Names Jason Dies Executive VP, Group Executive
Pitney Bowes Jason Dies promoted to newly created role overseeing SendTech & Presort Services as well as HR, InfoTech, Marketing, & Comms.

USPS is discontinuing regional rate A & B boxes effective January 22, 2023.

USPS Discontinuing Priority Mail Regional Rate A & B Boxes
USPS is discontinuing Priority Regional Rate A & B boxes effective January 22, 2023.

And UPS is extending residential peak surcharges past their usual date in mid-January and renames them as "demand" surcharges, leaving the door open for indefinite extension.

UPS Surcharges Extend Beyond Peak Season, Get New Name
UPS extends residential peak surcharges surcharges past January, changes name to “demand surcharge”.

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