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Etsy Charging VAT On UK To UK Orders - Is It A Glitch Or Proper Application Of The Law? Members Public

Etsy sellers confused as VAT is suddenly being charged on UK to UK orders when it did not apply to similar orders in the past.


eBay & San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan Discuss Shared Priorities & Continued Collaboration Members Public

San Jose Mayor met with eBay CEO & CFO to discuss shared priorities & continued collaboration amidst ongoing legal troubles & tax sharing scrutiny.


eBay Issues 1099-Ks For Tax Year 2022 A Year Late Members Public

Some sellers are perplexed as they say eBay issued their 1099-K tax forms for 2022 a year late!


eBay Buyers Receive Small Mystery Refunds On Months Old Orders - Sales Tax Adjustment Or Scam? Members Public

eBay buyers confused & concerned after randomly receiving small mystery refunds on months old orders - is it a sales tax adjustment or a scam?


IRS Delays 1099-K $600 Threshold Changes Until 2024 Members Public

The IRS once again delays implementation of $600 threshold for 1099-Ks, now expecting phased transition for tax year 2024.


Could eBay Lose San Jose Tax Sharing Deal Worth Millions? Members Public

Tax sharing deals for eBay, Apple & more receive scrutiny as California cities push for fairer distribution & some lawmakers push back.


eBay Charges Australia GST Tax On Domestic Orders In Error Members Public

eBay Australia glitch is incorrectly charging GST tax on domestic orders for which it should not apply.


eBay Mistakenly Issues 1099-Ks To Individual Seller Names, Not LLCs Members Public

Sellers befuddled as eBay issues 1099-K tax forms with SSNs instead of LLC EIN info.


Why Did I Receive A 1099-K Under $20,000 For 2022? Members Public

Sellers ask what threshold are marketplaces using on 1099-K tax forms for 2022? Get the answer here!


IRS Delays $600 1099-K Implementation For 1 Year Members Public

IRS bows to pressure, will delay Implementation of $600 1099-K threshold until 2024.


Legislators Try To Tackle 1099-K Issues In Omnibus Bill Amendments Members Public

As the Senate moves forward with FY23 Omnibus, amendments seek to address 1099-K tax reporting threshold.


eBay CEO Jamie Iannone Regrets Support For American Rescue Plan Members Public

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone lobbies to increase 1099-K threshold, citing impact on small sellers in Fortune op-ed.


eBay Charging Sales Tax To Florida Freight Forwarders In Error Members Public

International buyers using FL freight forwarders should be sales tax exempt, but eBay is collecting tax in error.


eBay Asks Sellers To Lobby On Tax Reform, Flubs Contact Form Members Public

eBay asks sellers to lobby Congress on 1099-K threshold, sellers report tech issues with "send a letter" form.


eBay Charging California eWaste Fee In Error Members Public

eBay buyers report being charged CA eWaste fee on used & for parts items in error.


Shopify Tax Helps Merchants With Sales Tax But At What Cost? Members Public

Shopify Tax promises to "take the stress out of sales tax" but may come with a hefty price tag for some merchants.


Etsy Retroactively Charges Canada Sellers Tax On Fees Members Public

Canadian Etsy sellers are being retroactively charged tax on seller fees going back to July 1, 2022.


eBayUK Adding VAT For Non-VAT Sellers In Art Categories Members Public

eBayUK sellers report prices for items in art categories include 20% VAT even if seller is not VAT registered.


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