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eBay Top Star Buyer Loyalty Program

It appears eBay has launched a new buyer loyalty program in stealth mode. I've seen no official announcement, but have been seeing increasing references to the eBay Top Star program across social media.

eBay Overcharges Fees For Store Subscribers

eBay is apparently charging the standard non-store 12.55% instead of the correct category/store subscription fee for sellers in Managed Payments today.

eBay Drops Minimum For Sneaker Authentication To $100 Again?

eBay's Sneaker Authentication program continues to evolve with some interesting trends in terms and conditions over time.

eBay Updates Bid Retraction Policies For Trading Cards

Trading card sellers are reporting receiving an email from eBay advising changes to the bid retraction policy effective June 30th.

eBay Promotes Presale Violations

eBay promotes Funko Pop presale event in violation of its own policies and FTC 30 Day Mail rule.

eBay Retiring File Exchange

It's official, eBay will be retiring the File Exchange program and moving sellers to Seller Hub Reports instead, effective June 15th 2021.

eBay Seeks To Reduce Friction In Personalized Shopping

CEO Jamie Iannone told investors that eBay is working to reduce friction in the personalized buying experience. Today eBay UK announced it was launching this new feature with a special fee discount promotion.
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