Indie Sellers Guild Plans Virtual Convention For April 2024

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


The Indie Sellers Guild, borne out of last year's Etsy Seller Strike, has announced plans to host their first annual virtual convention April 13-14, 2024, promoting "freedom from Etsy and other Big Tech."

The virtual event will include the launch of a Marketplace Accreditation Program and unveiling of a new membership site as well as a mix of pre-recorded videos, live videos that will be recorded for viewing later, and chat discussions on a variety of topics for artisan and creators.

You do not need to be an ISG member to attend. Tickets are only $1.00 to attend during the event and for $5 you can have lifetime access to all the recordings.

Panels include sessions on:

  • What to do if you get screwed by a tech platform - with Katharine from the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • How to use your Etsy shop to direct traffic to your own site (without breaking Etsy’s rules) - with Kristi Cassidy, ISG President
  • Results from our Marketplace Research Project - What do sellers and customers really want from an online marketplace – with Samantha Close, Ph.D.
  • Interview with Racheal from Mayfli marketplace in the UK
  • Interview with Jon from goimagine marketplace
  • How Customers can support small sellers

And more! There will also be

  • Silent auction
  • Vendor row
  • Information from other organizations for creative indie sellers
  • Research surveys to let your voice be heard
  • Opportunities to network and build community
  • Giveaways and exclusive merch

View the full schedule of events, sign up to be a vendor, volunteer or sponsor, and purchase tickets at:

Support Small Sellers – Freedom from Etsy and other Big Tech
How can we work together towards a fairer internet, where artisans, creators, and curators can earn a decent living? How can we apply those lessons to other industries and platforms? We will launch our Marketplace Accreditation Program, unveil our new membership site, and discuss how we can continue to fight the exploitation of creative indie…
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