Customer Service

Learn all about customer service issues impacting ecommerce marketplace sellers.

eBay Has A New Head Of Customer Service Experience - Again Members Public

Ty Baker is eBay's new Header of Customer Service after Nancy Vega departed the company last month.


Shopify Outsources Support After Layoffs Members Public

After laying off 1000 employees in July, Shopify is filling in the gaps with outsourced support from TaskUs.


Etsy Says Support Has Expanded, But Sellers Aren't Seeing It Members Public

Etsy announces 24/7 chat support for sellers with no policy violations, but some question how violations are defined.


Open Letter: eBay Customer Service & Seller Engagement Failure Members Public

Open letter from a seller to eBay management about failures in customer service & seller engagement.


Will eBay's New Social Media Hire Improve Seller Engagement? Members Public

eBay has a new social media manager - what could it mean for seller engagement & social commerce efforts?


eBay Community Chat Changes -Less Engagement & Support Members Public

eBay community staff announce weekly open-ended chat being discontinued, replaced with monthly chat on limited topics.


eBay Community Solutions - How Much Control Is Too Much? Members Public

eBay community staff empowered to mark posts solved without input from author - will it impact free expression in the forum?


Do You Trust eBay's Verification Process For Social Support? Members Public

Users express privacy & security concerns about verification process on eBay's social support channels.


eBay Has A New Head Of Customer Experience Members Public

Nancy Vega is the new Head of Customer Experience at eBay, quietly taking on the role back in December.


eBay Growth Advisors Engage With Sellers Members Public

Sellers say eBay has been cold calling & emailing a pitch to have a growth advisor review accounts & make suggestions.

Seller Tools

eBay Community Chat 1-26-22 - Where's The Customer Service? Members Public

Another week, another chat with eBay community staff. While there were a wide range of topics discussed, many shared a common frustration with a lack of customer service.


eBay Redirects Users From Facebook Back To The Community Members Public

eBay for Business on Facebook is now directing sellers back to the community for support in apparent attempt to reverse course on strategic mis-step.


First eBay Community Chat Of 2022 - Deja Vu All Over Again? Members Public

It's weekly eBay community chat time again & so far 2022 in the chat is picking up where 2021 left off with many seller questions & few helpful eBay staff answers.


Does eBay Really Care About Seller Engagement? Members Public

eBay leadership says they value seller feedback & engagement - are they living up to their commitment or is it just lip service?


What Happened To eBay Customer Support? Members Public

Customer support has long been a sore spot for eBay sellers. Many sellers feel like eBay expects them to bend over backward to provide impeccable service to buyers, but doesn't hold themselves to the same high standards when it comes to the support available to sellers.


What Should A Seller Do When eBay Support Fails? Members Public

eBay glitch negatively impacts a seller & support options have failed - what else can they do?

Tech Issues

Is eBay Concierge Customer Support Going Away? Members Public

Sellers speculate eBay Concierge Support program may be being phased out with no warning or explanation.


eBay Experts - Seller Powered Customer Service Members Public

eBay has teamed up with Limitless Tech to develop a new customer service program that leverages the knowledge and experience of eBay’s existing seller base with a gig economy pitch.