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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

The Summer 2023 eBay Seller Update is here with improvements to the payment dispute process, message reporting, dynamic Promoted Listings ad rates, immediate payment on offers & more!

eBay Summer 2023 Seller Update
eBay Summer 2023 Seller Update - payment disputes, report messages, dynamic ad rates, immediate payment more!

We were surprised to learn this week that eBay's Chief Information Officer quietly left the company in April, on the heels of CAO Brian Doerger's abrupt exit in March amidst increasing concerns about due diligence in TCGPlayer acquisition.

eBay CIO Rami Mazid Has Quietly Moved On To Nutanix
eBay’s Chief Information Officer Rami Mazid left in April, on heels of CAO exit amidst growing TCGPlayer due diligence concerns.

With USPS Ground Advantage shipping rolling out July 9, eBay sellers are confused about what changes they need to make to listings & when - and conflicting info from community staff is not helping.

eBay USPS Ground Advantage Causes Confusion & Concern
eBay USPS Ground Advantage updates leaves sellers confused about what changes need to be made & when.

eBay is implementing a new Shipping Performance Policy for Global sellers (outside the US and Canada) aimed at cutting down on item not received cases and holding sellers accountable for timely shipping.

eBay Takes Aim At INRs With New Shipping Performance Policy
eBay’s new Shipping Performance Policy aims to cut down on item not received claims for exports.

Sellers appeal to eBay to reconsider changes to Seller Hub that will remove options to sort order history by Record, Buyer Name and Custom Label (SKU).

Sellers Appeal To eBay To Keep Sort Orders By Custom Label SKU
Sellers ask eBay to reconsider removing option to sort order history by Record, Buyer Name & Custom Label SKU.

Other Ecommerce News

Amazon's botched INFORM Act implementation left sellers scrambling to complete verification ahead of June 27 deadline for compliance.

Amazon Sellers Scramble To Complete INFORM Verification
Amazon’s botched INFORM Act verification process puts sellers at risk for account holds - should FTC investigate?

Amazon has announced it will be ending the FBA Small & Light program on August 29, replacing it with "low-price FBA rates" instead.

Amazon Kills Small & Light Program, Replaced With Low-Price FBA Rates
Amazon will be ending FBA Small & Light program on August 29, replacing it with “low-price FBA rates” instead.

Walmart, Target and Newegg announce sales events to rival Amazon Prime Day.

Walmart, Target & More Jump On the Prime Day Bandwagon
Amazon Prime Day is official; Walmart, Target & Newegg announce rival events - will eBay, Etsy & more join in too?

Etsy sellers are increasingly alarmed by "picture" added to items that directs buyers away to "related searches" for competing items, as well as ads inserted in messages and shipping confirmation emails.

Etsy Sellers Alarmed Related Searches Invade Listings, Divert Buyers
Etsy sellers alarmed by “picture” added to items that directs buyers away to “related searches” for competing items.

Poshmark has announced tickets are on sale now for PoshFest seller's conference in San Diego October 12-13!

Poshmark PoshFest 2023 Tickets Are Live!
Tickets are now available for Poshmark PostFest 2023, October 12-13 in San Diego, CA!


eBay added one more big sales push to close out Q2 2023, launching their 20% off 4th of July Sale a full week early.

eBay Bets Big On End of Quarter Focus Category Discounts
As Q2 2023 winds down, eBay makes last minute push in key focus vertical categories with significant savings!

eBay appears to have finally gotten the pesky bugs worked out as the ChatGPT AI description generator has been reintroduced to the Android app, with the surrounding service details (button label, undo button, banner explaining the optional generative model, etc.) functioning properly.

eBay ChatGPT AI Feature Fails, Removed Days After Launch
eBay’s ChatGPT AI description generator not ready for prime time & pulled from production just days after launch.

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