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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

eBay Motors Parts & Accessories focus strategy continues, expanding partnerships with local installers and offering free tire installation promotion through July 2nd.

eBay Motors Expands Tire Installation Service Partnership
eBay Motors expands partnership with CarAdvise & SimpleTire, offers free tire installation through July 2nd!

Building on their enthusiast buyer strategy, eBay is hosting sports card collectors training camp events to coincide with major sporting events like the NBA Draft and MLB All-Star Game.

eBay To Host Sports Card Collector Training Camps
eBay announces sports card collector training camp events to coincide with NBA Draft & MLB All-Star Game.

eBay is pushing for sales in key vertical focus categories, subsidizing 10-20% off for jewelry, handbags & car parts.

Are these discounts good long term strategy or just short-sighted end of quarter revenue bumping shenanigans?

eBay Bets Big On End of Quarter Focus Category Discounts
As Q2 2023 winds down, eBay makes last minute push in key focus vertical categories with significant savings!

Some shipping rates will be changing in July as new USPS pricing goes into effect - don't miss increase for eBay Standard Envelope service and USPS Ground Advantage replacing First-Class Package, Parcel Select Ground and Retail Ground.

eBay Standard Envelope, Other USPS Rate Changes In July
eBay notifies sellers that some shipping rates will be changing in July as new USPS pricing goes into effect.

eBay seller HK Resale had a strange interaction with support, raising the question should sellers seek legal advice before canceling orders to Germany?

Do eBay Sellers Need Legal Advice To Cancel German Orders?
A strange interaction with eBay support raises questions about seeking legal advice to cancel orders to Germany.

As eBay ramps up their new international shipping program with hubs in Illinois and California, troubling reports of delays and missorting continue to stack up.

eBay International Shipping Delays, Missorting Continue
As eBay ramps international shipping program with hubs in IL & CA, reports of delays & missorting keep stacking up.

Bargain hunting eBay buyers are perplexed as design changes bury "Accepts Offer" search filter option - are sellers losing opportunities to make a deal?

eBay Hides Accepts Offer Search Filter From Buyers
eBay buyers perplexed by “Accepts Offer” search filter disappearance - are sellers losing chance to make a deal?

eBay has also killed functionality that allowed adding a message to buyers in shipping confirmation emails, removing a critical opportunity for sellers to provide a more personal touch and promote their own brands.

eBay Add Message To Shipping Confirmation Missing
eBay sellers are missing ability to add personalized message to buyers on shipping confirmation email.

Other Ecommerce News

It's official - Amazon Prime Day kicks off at 3 AM EDT on July 11 and runs through the 12th with invite-only deals and savings extending to participating third-party sites in the Buy with Prime program.

Amazon Announces Prime Day 2023 Dates
It’s official - Amazon Prime Day 2023 will be July 11-12! The big event kicks off at 3 AM EDT on 7/11.

The FTC has filed a lawsuit against Amazon alleging the company duped millions of consumers into unknowingly enrolling in Prime using dark pattern design, automatically-renewing subscriptions, and complicated cancellation processes.

FTC Takes Aim At Amazon Prime Subscription & Cancellation Practices
FTC alleges Amazon duped millions into Prime auto-renewal, intentionally complicated cancellation process.

The INFORM Consumers Act goes into effect June 27th and the FTC is warning marketplaces to make sure they are ready to comply or face fines of up to $50,120 per violation!

FTC Warns Marketplaces To Comply With INFORM Act On Day One
FTC puts marketplaces on notice - comply with INFORM Act on June 27 or face fines up to $50,120 per violation!

The Etsy testing and tweaking continues as some users report seeing reviews moved above seller-provided descriptions in the mobile app.

Etsy Test Moves Reviews Above Seller Descriptions On App
The Etsy testing continues as some users report reviews moved above seller-provided descriptions in the mobile app.

The Etsy community is once again being flooded with complaints about AI bot takedowns run amok - this time innocent words such as "clip" are being flagged as drug paraphernalia causing legitimate sellers' listings to be removed while plenty of real violations are allowed to remain.

Etsy AI Misidentifying Everyday Items As Drug Paraphernalia
Etsy’s AI bots run amok again, falsely flagging innocent items as drug paraphernalia while missing the real thing.

And finally, Poshmark is rolling out Posh Lens visual image search in limited beta testing in the Poshmark app.

Poshmark Introduces Posh Lens Search By Image Feature In App
Posh Lens visual image search rolls out in limited beta testing in the Poshmark app.

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