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Etsy Sellers Sound Off On "Vital Few" Initiatives CEO Should Prioritize In 2024 Members Public

Sellers have some strong suggestions for Etsy CEO Josh Silverman's "Vital Few" initiatives in 2024.


What's Not Working On Etsy? Members Public

Etsy seller sparks revealing community discussion with simple question - what's not working on Etsy?


Indie Sellers Guild Surveys Sellers On Marketplace Accreditation Members Public

Indie Sellers Guild looking for handmade & vintage sellers for survey on ideal ecommerce platform characteristics.

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Etsy Strike Inspired Artisans Cooperative Gains Support From USFWC & USDA Grant Members Public

Artisans Cooperative working with US Federation of Worker Cooperatives to build new handmade marketplace.


Open Letter: eBay Customer Service & Seller Engagement Failure Members Public

Open letter from a seller to eBay management about failures in customer service & seller engagement.


Letter: eBay Charity Program - Net vs Gross Proceeds Members Public

Letter: seller shares frustrating eBay For Charity customer service experience.


Letter: eBay Catalog Errors Are Not Music To This Seller's Ears Members Public

Letter from an eBay seller struggling with catalog errors & incorrect item specifics.

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Letter: Amazon Seller Battles Erroneous Information On Listings Members Public

Letter from an Amazon seller about a frustrating experience with customer support.


Etsy Strike Sellers Speak Out Members Public

Value Added Resource interviews a group of Etsy sellers planning a strike to protest fee increases & bring attention to issues they face on the platform.


Etsy Sellers Propose Strike To Protest Fee Increase Members Public

A group of Etsy sellers are organizing a strike to protest recent fee increases & bring attention to other important issues on the platform.


eBay Seller Seeks Advice After Lagging Q4 Sales Members Public

A seller asks for advice after experience a sudden drop in sales in Q4 2021.

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Small Business Holiday Spotlight Members Public

The name of this site came from the idea that sometimes the most valuable resource we have as online sellers is each other. For Small Business Saturday and the rest of the holiday season, check out some of the amazing people out there working hard to build their business dreams.

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Letter: eBay Community Tech Issues Members Public

A letter from a reader in response to the eBay community issues that have finally been resolved this week & the new application access authorization needed to apply the "fix".

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Seller Spotlight: Dorm Room Games Members Public

Dorm Room Games sells video games, comics, art, trading cards, tabletop gaming, entertainment/pop culture related products, collectibles & more!

Seller Spotlight

Seller Spotlight: Less Than Three Records Members Public

Less Than Three Records sells collectible music and art including colored vinyl records, audiophile vinyl and CDs, autographed CDs, art prints, gig posters, movie posters, and more.

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