Note from Liz - this post is not meant to be an exhaustive synopsis of the weekly chat. I've chosen to highlight topics I found particularly interesting - the full chat can be found here:

Community Chat, June 2 @ 1:00 pm PT - Trading Cards Image Detection
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for the Weekly Chat. This week we’re joined by the trading cards team. They are here to address any questions you may have about the image detection feature on the app. You can read the announcement for this feature here, as well as viewing the FAQs here: And…

This week's chat was dedicated to discussing the new Trading Card Image Detection Scan & List Tool with the trading cards team on hand to answer any specific questions or concerns.  It appears to have been a poor choice of topic - very few sellers had any interest in such a limited subject and most of the posts were off-topic (which are still allowed, but typically not answered until after the chat has closed.)

First the few questions about the Scan & List Tool


So lets see if I got this right app scans card pops up the possible matches and you list using YOUR photos and price , and of course condition:

This does a description for the user to list with???


Hey @donsdetour, yes that's right!

After you scan your card and select the match you want, you will add your own photos, condition, and desired price. To help speed up the listing process, we do help auto-generate a basic description consisting of the initial Title and Shipping method, which you can edit for more clarity or to add your own details.


re: the image technology...

how detailed is it going to be for the item specifics?

for example, in pokemon, there are shadowless cards vs. non-shadowless (unlimited). is the detail and info stored in the AI portion good enough to distinguish differences like that? i ASSUME it will know the diff entre a 1st edition and non-1st ed? how much of the item specifics are going to be filled in?

also, is there any plan to scan EXISTING listings in order to determine if they are bogus or have mistakes?

i mentioned in the other post that i am not only a seller but a buyer. i buy a lot of cards. it is so insanely frustrating to look up a 1st edition card and get a whole page of non-1sts. depending on what i was looking for (how many hits i was getting), i have given up on occasion. are you going to be looking at that part as well?


@c.b., That first edition selection would be really frustrating! The image detection tool helps prefill all the important item specifics relevant to the product selected by the seller. We do urge sellers to make sure that they fill out relevant item specifics under Features such as 1st edition, shadowless, and/or alternate art, etc. to allow buyers like yourself to easily filter for products you are looking.

We are continuing to improve our image detection capabilities and if you find any technical issues or item specifics we are missing after a scan, please kindly share that with us here:

Item Specifics

my-cottage-books-and-antiques had two questions about item specifics.

We can create Custom Item Specifics in Item Specifics. I realize these custom item specifics do not attach to any of the ebay search filters. My question is: does ebay search use them at all?

And also: does ebay search use the description section by default, or only if we designate search to include it?


Hi @my-cottage-books-and-antiques I’ve reached out to the search team for more information on make sure I have the most up to date information on this for you. I’ll let you know what they say.

The eBay search is a keyword search that looks at the title and the item specifics, you have to use the Advanced Search option to search the description and title.

Right now, I'm on track to have my required item specifics completed by the July deadline. However, Life sometimes throws curveballs, so if I don't get finished: What is the penalty for a listing that lacks required item specifics by the deadline (or any extension of the deadline)?

I've looked high and low and haven't found any up to date info on this question.


I believe there aren’t any penalties and your listings won’t be removed, but they won’t be renewed after their 30 days if they are Good Til Cancelled listings and to review listings you’d have to add the required specifics or they’ll be blocked.

That being said, to keep myself honest, I’ve reached out to the listing team to double check that is correct currently for the upcoming mandated item specifics. I'll also see if we can get information added onto the item specifics mandate page, so it's not such a mystery.

Technical Problem With Bulk Updates


I am wondering how many tickets need to be opened for ebay tech support to fix an issue with bulk editor? I have reported glitches and issues with it over and over for the past 4 months - nothing has been done. Either I get tons of errors and can't update at all or it does update but I ALWAYS get this error no matter what: "The Volume Discount Create or Update Failed for (x amount) of Listings" - Then when you have other errors it's impossible to update/use the bulk editor ebay nows says they aren't refreshing listings anymore - OK, but if that's the case don't you think ebay should then be fixing Bulk Editor so it works correctly??


Hi @nuclearomen - I don't have an estimated time of resolution to provide when a technical issue is reported. Continuing to work with CS on issues like this is the best course of action.

Presale Violations

The only off topic question that received a response during the chat time was my request to have staff check in on my post about the Funko Pop Funkoween Presale Event that was in violation of eBay's presale policies.


I know this is off topic, but can you please check in on this thread after the chat?

eBay is promoting a Halloween themed Funko Pop presale event where almost all of the 450 listings appear to be in violation of eBay's presale policies and possibly FTC 30 Day Mail Order rules as well.


@valueaddedresource I actually did send this to the appropriate team for review but I neglected to update that thread. Sorry about that! I don't have an update to provide just yet but when I have more details I'll put them in that thread. Thanks!