Note from Liz - this post is not meant to be an exhaustive synopsis of the weekly chat. I've chosen to highlight topics I found particularly interesting - the full chat can be found here:

Community Chat, May 12 @ 1:00 pm PT - General Topics
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for the Weekly Chat with eBay Staff. We don’t have a specific topic this week, so feel free to share any general buying or selling questions you may have. The chat thread will remain open until 2 PM PT at which point we’ll close it from additional responses. Afte…

Category Changes & Glitches

Off the bat, sellers were concerned about the category changes and subsequent technical issues experienced on May 11th.


Just a suggestion for next time : today's uproar over the Category changes/Item specifics might have been reduced if ebay had posted a reminder about the Spring Seller Update's changes a week ago or so....Yes, the original Seller Update provided all the information, but many people forget about it as time goes on (or never read it in the first place) Hope you'll consider this in the future.

tyler@eBay responded

Hi @my-cottage-books-and-antiques - I agree that could have helped heighten awareness (or at least been a quick answer for folks who came here looking for info when they noticed the change had occurred). I'll get it in the suggestion box for next time!

cowtown-cards was concerned about item specifics after the category changes.

Will item attributes previously entered be migrated to the new system? I sell sports cards, and had previously entered in each team, year, card set, unique characteristic to every card. These seem to have disappeared when I go to edit any of them.

Also, "used" is still the only option when listing new items or updating with in the sports card category, I'm sure this extends across other areas as well.

brian@ebay seemed unaware of the numerous reports of disappearing item specifics.

@cowtown-cards my understanding was that filled out items specifics should remain. I'll report what you're seeing. Also be sure to report any other issues you run into with item specifics to Thanks!

dhbooksds chimed in on this as well

brian@ebay @cowtown-cards my understanding was that filled out items specifics should remain

There are NUMEROUS reports on the selling board that the previous IS are wiped out............

As an update, it looks like at least one seller is reporting in a different communiy post that missing Item Specifics have returned as of 5-17.


As of this morning, our Seasonal items (esp Hallmark) have their item specifics back and thankfully, on all bundles. Action Figures (again, for us) the details we put there, are back, especially "custom IS" and Shoes - the sizing seems to not have the cross reference we had - need to check more closely.

Are your item specifics back??

p.s. THANK you e-bay for putting back our item specifics on these listings. TY)

Concierge Support

The topic of concierge support came up again this week and the answer is still just as confusing as ever.  Previously some sellers had been told Concierge Support was being phased out or retired and replaced with a new program that will be called Premium Services. However, there has been a lot of conflicting information coming from eBay support about the future of this program.

stuff4divas asked for clarification:

Concierge Department (gone?)

Lots of conflicting info regarding the Concierge Department (CD).

Is it still in existence but with a different name ‘Premium Services’?

I had a chat with Conor a few days ago and was told the CD was on ‘hiatus’.

So what is the criteria to be included into this program? Conor told me I was qualified but had to be invited.

Ages ago, I was on the eBay TRS program with a dedicated phone number that was totally awesome. Well informed CS reps, but that disappeared and I was never transitioned into the CD.

Anyone with any solid info on this?

brian@ebay said:

@stuff4divas It sounds like you were given incorrect information. Concierge is still a service we provide and is not on hiatus. We don't have a list of qualifications to share, but invites are sent to sellers when their accounts to qualify.

PowerSeller Program & Community

my-cottage-books-and-antiques had a question about the future of the PowerSeller community board since it was announced the PowerSeller program is being retired.

This question should be an easy one for the Community Team. With the recently announced retirement of the Power Seller status (effective June 20th), what is the fate of the 2 Power Seller Community Discussion Boards?


Hi @my-cottage-books-and-antiques Great question! Our plan is for the the PowerSeller boards to be put into read only mode on May 20th and then they will be archived on June 20th.

Managed Payments & American Express

go-bad-chicken was looking for an update on why American Express seems to be blocked for certain categories in Managed Payments.

Any answers yet as to why American Express is not a payment option for certain categories and listings that are enrolled in Managed Payments?

I asked about this issue here about 4 weeks ago.

brittanie@ebay responded

@go-bad-chicken - I heard back on your question. The answer I received was the following:

"Buyers will see supported payment methods compatible with the their device or browser automatically in checkout. Not all payment methods are supported in all categories."

I know it's not a lot of detail, but I hope it helps explain what you're seeing.