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Liz Morton
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eBay is adding the ability to launch markdown sale promotions in bulk from Seller Hub Active Listings page, streamlining the process to launch discount events.

The new feature was teased in an episode of the eBay for Business Podcast interview with Product Manager David Bernstein.

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Griff: So David is our go-to guy for all product questions. You may hear us mention him on the podcast whenever I need an answer I always go to him. And I was able to grab David for a few minutes to ask him about his role at the event and what he was hearing from sellers.

Griff: One of the things we talk about occasionally on the podcast is, I don't know the answer to that. We better ask Dave. We are gonna go ask Dave. So Dave is here at the event.

David Bernstein: Here I am.

Griff: So what's your title and and what do you do?

David Bernstein: Okay, so I'm a Manager of Product Management in the Seller Experience Team.

Griff: Our guy.

David Bernstein: So I have other product managers that report to me as well as I work on features myself. We're responsible for the listing management experience. So this is where if you're using the native app or My eBay or most sellers using Seller Hub these days where you go to manage your active listings or your drafts or your unsold listings.

So those pages we're responsible for, we wanna make it easy for you to find your listings, make adjustments to them so they can sell faster. We built flows like send offers so we're making it easier for you to find listings that have interested buyers so you can send offers and make the sale.

We're working on some new features to make it easier for you to put listings on sale, in sale events directly from the active listings page. Be on the lookout for that.

Here's how the new flow works to create sale events directly from the Active Listings page:

You can search, sort and filter your Active Listings page, then select the checkboxes next to all items you want to put on sale.

Currently the feature only support Percentage Off sale promotions - just fill in the percentage, duration schedule, and title for the event the click "create" to launch the sale event.

One seller in the eBay community raised questions about whether changes being made to add this new feature or the Sale tab for stores announced in the Fall Seller Update could be related to issues sellers have been seeing with the markdown tool in the last few months.

Active Listings Change coming....
Nothing major, but apparently, ebay is working on this (per today’s ebay for business podcast): “We’re working on some new features to make it easier for you to put listings on sale, in sale events directly from the active listings page. Be on the lookout for that.” I assume this means they are…

I gotta admit, I can think of a lot of things higher on my list of "changes I'd like to see ebay make", but I'm just passing this along because they may make the change without announcing it, thus, as usual, confusing people who weren't expecting it, and also because it might have something to do with some of the glitches we've been seeing around Markdown Manager (lack of strike throughs, etc).

For example, in August there were issues with markdown discounts not applying properly at check out and new items not being able to be added to existing markdown sales.

eBay Sellers Can’t Add Items To Existing Markdown Sales
eBay sellers struggling with tech issue preventing adding new items to existing markdown sale promotions.

Markdown sale strikethrough pricing has not consistently been displayed in search results, making it harder for buyers to notice when something is on sale.

eBay Not Showing Markdown Strikethrough Pricing In Search
eBay sellers report strikethrough pricing for their Markdown discount sales are not consistently showing in search.

And most recently, some sellers are experiencing problems with Volume Pricing discounts not displaying correctly.

eBay Volume Pricing Not Displaying On Listings
eBay sellers report problems with Volume Pricing discount feature not correctly applying on newly listed items.

What do you think of this new streamlined ability to create sale events from the Active Listings page? Are you experiencing glitches with markdown sales and discounts? Let us know in the comments below!

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