More Enhancements To The eBay Stores Experience

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay has announced more changes to the Stores experience, coming in late March.

Of note: the removal of listing frames (as previously reported in January) which will be replaced by a new category module on the View Item Page and sending newsletters to buyer groups.

It would be really nice if that newsletter feature includes the long overdue newsletter sign up in About page function and also be better QA tested than the recently released send coupons to buyer groups feature too - hope springs eternal!

Full announcement 👇

Improving your Store’s presence on the View Item page and across eBay
eBay Stores are continuing to grow and evolve to help you get more visibility, engage your customers, and grow your business. In 2021, we rolled out new Store features to help you get more visibility and engage your buyers. We also recently announced an expansion of where your Store information a…

...we’re adding additional ways to get your Store in front of buyers:

  • You’ll soon see a Store category module with your logo and top categories displayed on your View Item pages.
  • Enhanced search functionality will make it easier for buyers to find your Store.
  • You’ll be able to send your Store newsletters to specific buyer groups.
  • Additionally, sellers could previously add a frame with Store information around a listings’ description on desktop. We’re removing this listing frame, and most of its features will move to other places on the View Item page as part of these updates.

Introducing a new Store category module

In late March, we’re introducing a new Store category module on your View Item pages. This module will display up to 9 categories from your Store and a ‘See all’ button for buyers to explore all your categories.

This will initially be available to sellers who currently have a listing frame set up on their View Item page. In the coming months, as we phase out listing frames, it will become available to more sellers. Your buyers will see this new module on desktop first—over time we’ll expand this feature to mobile web and the eBay app.


Enhanced search functionality to help buyers find your Store

Buyers can now use the search bar to find your Store across desktop, mobile web, and the eBay app.

When a buyer types your exact Store name in the search bar, they’ll see a link to your Store in their search suggestions...

Send your Store newsletters to targeted buyer groups

We’re also expanding the newsletter experience by introducing buyer groups. This feature gives your newsletters more flexibility and versatility by letting you send them to specific groups of buyers.

You’ll initially be able to send newsletters to groups based on factors such as past purchases, and additional targeting capabilities will be added over time.

Removal of the View Item page listing frame

Currently, sellers can add a desktop-only frame with category and Store information around a listing’s description. However, our data shows there is little buyer interaction with these frames.

In late March, we’re removing the View Item page listing frame. Most of its features, such as displaying your Store categories and logo, will be moved to other places on the View Item page as part of the updates described above, making them available across platforms and better positioned to drive engagement with your Store.


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