eBay Glitch Sets View Counter Back To Zero

Liz Morton
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UPDATE 11-10-22

And once again, eBay has a technical issue that has wiped out view counts on all listings. It appears to be a global issue & eBay support says they are working to fix it ASAP. Details 👇

eBay 0 View Count Error 11-10-22
eBay sellers are once again facing a technical issue that has wiped out all view count history from their listings.

UPDATE 8-18-22

There appears to be a new issue with inaccurate view counts where eBay has either frozen views or is experiencing about a 2 day latency delay between Seller Hub & the Traffic History report.

Details 👇

eBay Item View Counts Not Updating, Showing 0 Views
eBay sellers once again report problems with item view counts not updating or showing 0 views in Seller Hub.

UPDATE 5-16-22

eBay has acknowledged a new/current issue that is causing inaccurate view counts to show for some users.

wrote: NEED HELP TO FIND OUT WHAY HAPPEN . THANKS Hi ! There is a known issue some are experiencing where view counts are off. It’s correct on the back end, but not being reflected accurately for your view. The tech team is aware and working on a fix but it never hurts to provide them with more…

There is a known issue some are experiencing where view counts are off. It's correct on the back end, but not being reflected accurately for your view. The tech team is aware and working on a fix but it never hurts to provide them with more examples. If you'd like to be added to the ticket, go here to find what info you'll need to provide Customer Support.

Ongoing technical issues
Hi everyone - there have been a number of reports in the last week of members impacted by one or several ongoing technical issues. We have detailed them below. If you are impacted by one or multiple of these please consider contacting Customer Support (link here) to be added to the open tickets. W…

Incorrect number of views showing (May 14, 2022)

Reference ID: ALERT13785

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UPDATE 4-30-22

This article was originally published October 14th, 2021 and was about a specific technical glitch that was occurring at that time.

If you're seeing changes to your view counts today, it may be related to changes in the 2022 Spring Seller Update to how eBay is counting page views - basically they are now filtering out "non-human" bot traffic.

This update has also changed the timeframe that eBay is using for the default display of view counts - it's now a rolling 30 day calculation instead of lifetime. So if you're suddenly seeing 0 views, it could be because you haven't had any in the previous 30 days.

Details 👇

eBay Spring Seller Update 2022 - Unpaid Items & Page Views
eBay’s Spring 2022 Seller Update is here! First, let’s take a look at unpaid items, listing page views, & messaging.

I'm seeing a lot of reports from sellers stating the view counts on their listings have been randomly reset to 0.

It's unclear if these sellers are all in categories affected by this week's category and item specifics updates, but the timing of this issue would seem to make it likely connected to the updates in some way.

Here's just a sampling of reports from across the eBay community and social media.

My Views reverted to 0! Is there a glitch today? I still have Watchers. Never happened to before.
My Views reverted to 0! Is there a glitch today? I still have Watchers. Never happened to before. I’m hoping it returns to viewers. I know some people don’t look at viewers. Thanks
View count is gone
Has anyone else view counts returned to zero or is it just my account?
Hey I see its happening to a large group of people. Not showing views in any of my listings through the app as of 10/13/21 ~3:30pm est
Glitches today!
I am having items list on ebay in multiples and yes, I too have all the views Reading “0” but I have watchers? I know others are having the issues with the views all being zero but anyone else having there listings go in and being done in duplicates? ~Dee
Listing Views Have Suddenly Disappeared
Hello, All the “Views” for our listings have suddenly dropped to “0.” Are any other sellers experiencing this? Also, Ebay Tech/Customer Service, could you please let us know what’s going on???? Can you please fix this ASAP??? Thanks.
My views dissapeared
I don’t know what happened but I just checked my store and it looks like all my views are now zero. Not sure what this means. Any help would be much appreciated.
What is going on with the new update
I just checked my listings as many other sellers have to see that my listings no longer have views or watchers. What is going on? Whats the point of listing an item if people cant search it. This is ridiculous. I’m sure there are thousands of sellers om ebay that dont even know this.
Number of views disappeared
I have two items for auction and was following the number of views of the listings and somehow between checks by me the numbers reverted to zero. No change in numbers for watchers and bids. This is very annoying, any thoughts on cause or repair?
Number of Views
10.13.21 12:56pm PT Could you please alert IT, the eBay Technology Dept, that the Number of Views is defaulting to ZERO 0 on all active listings? Additionally, could you please pass up the chain that this seller would appreciate you all deferring out platform tweaks until after February 14, 2022…
All item listing VIEWS / HITS suddenly reverted to 0 (ZERO!!!) Is this another ebay GLITCH?
I just noticed all my listings suddenly have ZERO views . The changed just within the last few hours. What is going on?????????????

My guess is this is a temporary glitch caused by eBay moving items into different categories.  If so, hopefully the view numbers will be restored within 24-48 hours, as eBay has indicated that may be the time it takes for the new changes to get completely ironed out.

I have seen no official eBay response to this specific issue yet, but will update if they do post an announcement.

As usual, the eBay Systems Status page shows no current disruptions or outages, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence in eBay's own community forums to the contrary.

eBay: System Status
eBay Application

Have views on your listings reset to zero in the last few days? Is so, are the listings in categories affected by this week's updates? Let me know in the comments below!

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