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Liz Morton
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eBay sellers are once again reporting problems with item view counts shown in Seller Hub, this time with some fairly solid evidence that all is not well with the tech-led reimagination.

YES there is an actual view count freeze glitch in Seller Hub (see proof here)
Started sometime in the past 48 hours. If you click on the blue underlined number, you will get a popup showing your actual view counts on that item.

Started sometime in the past 48 hours. If you click on the blue underlined number, you will get a popup showing your actual view counts on that item.



What appears to be happening is that currently there is about a 2 day lag time (so far) between the Active Listings page in Seller Hub and the Listing Traffic History report that pops up when you click the view count link.

In this case it's showing zero because this item was just listed yesterday, so that 2 day gap hasn't registered in Seller Hub yet.

A different seller sent me another example privately that shows 47 views in Seller Hub vs 53 in the report.

The report shows 4 views today and 2 yesterday: 53-6=47

Some sellers are saying the numbers don't line up exactly to 2 days, but could be off by just a few hours one way or to other.

Either way, eBay has given themselves some wiggle room on this one by having a disclaimer that the report may show different numbers than other places due to latency delays.

It would appear currently eBay may be experiencing a latency period on view counts of about 2 days, give or take a couple hours, 0r it's possible the view counts just stopped at a certain time about 2 days ago - we'll have to see how long the delay or freeze continues.

The seller in the community did point out on possible cause for the glitch. It looks like eBay has been making some changes to implement a feature sellers have been requesting for a long time - the ability to sort Seller Hub by Views.

But here's the good part: it's clearly another rollout-affiliated glitch, but for something GOOD! Another member pointed this out, when you open up your Seller Hub:

And it does work! However, it is sorting only according to the view counts that were there before the glitch kicked in, HA. But hopefully they'll iron out the wrinkles fast.

Other sellers are discussing that long awaited change in another thread and are happy to see it, but also believe it could be related to view counts freezing as well.

Is The Apocalypse Upon Us?
So, I can tend to be pretty straightforward with my critique of eBays glitches, ect. But I also believe in giving credit where itโ€™s due. Recently went to view my Active Listings page, and this popped up: Am I hallucinating? Are the end times nigh? Behold! An actually useful and requested change!โ€ฆ

WHOA, I have wanted that FOREVER.
However ...... as usual their rollout comes with a glitch. New views have not been showing in the past 48 hours or so.

You can still click on the number to see the real view count, but this new sorting feature is not (yet) sorting according to actual views.

That reminded me that in the Summer Seller Check In, Lead Product Manager Seller Experience David Bernstein answered a question about sort by view, saying he knew it was one of the most requested features but there were technical difficulties with it because it's very difficult to get "up to the minute" data.

Time stamped video:

That makes me wonder if in fact this is not a glitch, but instead to accommodate that feature request and get around the "technical difficulty" eBay has simply chosen to build in some latency/lag time into the Seller Hub display.

I'll update as more information becomes available. In the mean time, if you're seeing a delay or freeze in your eBay item views, let us know in the comments below!

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