Rare Nike Air Jordan 1 Sample Up For Grabs on eBay For Only $250K

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


The famous signed Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers used to showcase eBay's new 3D image feature are up for sale on the platform. The 3D image feature apparently hasn't been integrated into the listing experience yet, it is only accessible on a separate landing page eBay has created to showcase these sneakers.

Step into the holy grail of sneakers | eBay.com
A Signed 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1 Player Sample Just Landed on eBay for $250,000
Made specifically for Michael Jordan, the kicks come with the NBA legend’s signature on the pair’s right shoe.

According to Robb Report:

The pre-owned sneakers are a player sample and come with the NBA legend’s signature on the right shoe. Now up for auction on eBay for $250,000, the Nike Air 1 OG Chicago Player Sample—with a left shoe in size 13 and a right in 13.5—was kept in multiple safe deposit boxes to keep the kicks in pristine condition. California sports company, Upper Deck also authenticated the GOAT’s signature on the shoes in 1998. The iconic sneakers don’t come in original boxing, but that shouldn’t deter serious Jordan collectors.

To keep things on the up and up, the Air Jordan 1 listing is being managed on eBay by Auction Cause, and the sneakers will be authenticated before being shipped to the buyer, according to eBay.

It's interesting to note that while the listing says the shoes will be authenticated, it does not have the eBay Authenticity Guaranteed badge.

The listing says the sneakers were originally authenticated in 1998 by Upper Deck.

The Upper Deck authentication number for the signature is not searchable on their website due to the authentication taking place 23 years ago, but the buyer can contact Upper Deck for further information if needed.

In the FAQ under authentication it says "The sneakers will first be authenticated before being shipped to the buyer" , however it does does not specify who will be doing the authentication.

The eBay Authenticity Guaranteed program is limited to only certain brands above a certain dollar amount. This listing certainly fit the minimum price requirement and Nike is one of the qualifying brands, however the seller entered Jordan for the brand item specific not Nike, making these shoes ineligible for eBay Authenticity Guaranteed.

Was this a mistake from the seller and they are counting on eBay authentication that isn't going to happen or was this an intentional way to circumvent having eBay Authenticity Guarantee automatically added to the listing?

Given many of the problems that have been reported with eBay Authenticity Guaranteed, I'm not sure I'd trust them with a quarter of a million dollar sale myself.

Problems With eBay Authenticity Guaranteed
eBay’s authentication program experiences pricing manipulation, delays, & mistakes causing frustration for buyers & sellers.

Either way, it doesn't bode well for CEO Jamie Iannone's flagship "trust" initiative that this high profile, high value sale won't be a jewel in the eBay authentication crown.

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