Etsy Tests Scrolling Thumbnails Showing All Images In Search Without Viewing Listing

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Etsy appears to be testing a new way to let buyers see all item images without clicking through to view the full listing with a scrolling thumbnail display in search results.

Normally, if the buyer hovers over a thumbnail image in search results, it will autoplay a video if there is one but if not, they would have to click through to the listing page to see all the images.

Now, users who are seeing this most recent test will see left and right arrows when they hover of the thumbnail, as well as dots at the bottom, that allow them to scroll through all the images directly on the search results page without clicking through.


This new test could be an iteration of previous testing Etsy did to add "Quick View" to search.

Etsy Tests “Quick View” In Search Results
Etsy tests “Quick View” allowing buyers to see a mini-listing module with images, links to reviews & more, directly from the search results page.

The "Quick View" feature allowed buyers to see a mini-listing module with images, links to reviews and more, directly from an overlay button when hovering over listings in search results.

Etsy Quick View In Search Results

Clicking the Quick View button popped up a scrollable module on the right side of the screen that allowed the buyer to view all images for the listing, variation options, shop reviews and a link to view the full item description.

Etsy Quick View Pop Up

Many sellers were concerned that this Quick View experience would cause buyers not to click through to read the full description, potentially increasing negative reviews and returns.

Buyers may have also found the Quick View option confusing or overwhelming as it attempted to stuff almost all of the information you would see on the listing page into a small pop up module.

While I am no longer currently seeing that Quick View experience, the new test that just shows the scrolling image feature may be an attempt to find a happy medium by letting buyers easily see more detail with multiple images without clicking through to a listing.

Sellers discussing the test in the Etsy community seem to like the functionality and visual design, but are concerns about how it may impact their shop stats if buyers are no longer clicking through to view all images.

Search results now showing all photos without clicking on listing?!
I just noticed today that when I perform a search, the results have scrolling arrows that allow me to browse the photos for an item without actually clicking to open the listing. Did I just never notice this before, or is this new? As a potential buyer, I like it, as it’s a bit of a time saver. Wit…

As a potential buyer, I like it, as it's a bit of a time saver. With my seller hat on though, I wonder: if someone is browsing and simply scrolls through the photos without visiting the listing, how if at all is this reflected in shop statistics?

I see this too and like it! As you say, it's a time saver. It also nice to not have to go into the listing where the pop-up nonsense starts.

It would be great if scrolling through the photos would be reflected in stats but I can definitely see it not being included--at least in the beginning.

If people scroll through the photos I also hope it will give a boost the quality rating of the listing. In the past people looking through the photos increased the score but who knows if that is still true.

What do you think of scrollable image thumbnails in Etsy search results? Let us know in the comments below!

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