Etsy Tests "Quick View" In Search Results

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Etsy is testing a "Quick View" feature that allows buyers to see a mini-listing module with images, links to reviews and more, directly from the search results page.

Users who are in the test will see a Quick View overlay button when hovering over listings in search results.

Etsy Quick View In Search Results

Click the Quick View button pops up a scrollable module on the right side of the screen that allows the buyer to view all images for the listing, variation options, shop reviews and a link to view the full item description.

Etsy Quick View Pop Up
Etsy Quick View Pop Up

Unfortunately, Etsy seems to have missed one hugely important piece of information when designing Quick View - shipping cost.

The buyer either has to click through to view the full description to see shipping costs or be surprised with the additional cost when they check out, neither of which creates a very positive buying experience.

Etsy Item Page Showing Shipping Cost

Another possible downside to Etsy's implementation of Quick View was revealed in testing - depending on screen size, it may be necessary to scroll to see if the item has variation options that need to be selected.

If the buyer doesn't scroll down, they can just add the item to their cart without selecting any option.

If the buyer adds the item to their cart without selecting an option, they will be unable to complete checkout until they go back and edit the item.

That's not the end of the world, but it does add a small amount of friction to the process and could negate some of the "quickness" that is ostensibly supposed to be the value of Quick View.

Etsy view item in cart

eBay introduced a similar Quick View option into eBay Stores in early 2023 and has also been testing adding it to some items in search results as well.

eBay Tests Search Quick View & Scrolling Newly Listed & Trending Modules
eBay testing search changes including Quick View & horizontal scrolling module for Newly Listed items.

In contrast to Etsy, eBay's Quick View feature will not allow the buyer to select Buy It Now or Add To Cart if they have not chosen a variation option.

eBay Quick View Pop Up
eBay Quick View

Etsy should consider implementing a similar error checking functionality to catch missing required option selections at the earlier point to avoid having buyers have to go back and edit it later.

When Quick View was first introduced on eBay, sellers raised concerns that it would increase returns and item not as described claims by allowing buyers to purchase without ever viewing the item details.

Etsy sellers expressed similar concerns when the "add to cart" button was introduced to search results in 2022.

Etsy Testing Add To Cart In Search Results
Etsy sellers report what appears to be a test showing “add to basket” buttons in search results for some items.

Sellers are sharing their thoughts on Quick View in the Etsy community, with mixed reviews.

Quick Views ... I Love It!
Probably not the correct category to post about this new feature, but ... Have you seen the new Quick View feature that is available while searching Etsy listings? OMG, it’s an awesome feature ... I love it! Simply hover over any listing (Etsy search) and the quick view link pops up ... if you cli…

Have you seen the new Quick View feature that is available while searching Etsy listings? OMG, it's an awesome feature ... I love it! Simply hover over any listing (Etsy search) and the quick view link pops up ... if you click on it, a mini listing page pops out to the right. I think it's a neat feature to have when comparing several products on the same page. Thanks Etsy, I love it!

TBH as someone who reads the description of something I'm considering purchasing I'd think of this pop-up as just an added step to get to where I want to go - the listing's page.

I guess this might encourage buyers to immediately cart something though I'm not sure this is a good idea. As a vintage buyer I really do want to see the details & I'm sure ALL shop owners, no matter what they're selling, want buyers to read descriptions.

Don't know how many of the variations/options (size, color) will be available/displayed in the pop-up.

I wouldn't think this type of pop-up would be available when browsing thru a shop listings - you are visiting the shop so why not just click on the specific listing as a natural next step.

What do you think of Etsy Quick View? Let us know in the comments below!

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