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Liz Morton
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UPDATE 5-24-23

A predicted, eBay is now testing Quick View in search results as well as stores.

It appears to currently be an A/B test with only some listings opted in so eBay can measure impacts on clicks and conversion. That could cause some issues if sellers were not consulted or asked for permission to be opted in.

When you hover over the main image, it shows a magnifying glass on listings that are in the test.

This particular iteration requires you to click directly on the magnifying glass icon to pop up the Quick View module - if you click on the title or anywhere else on the image it will just take you to the regular listing page.

The big question I have is how will Quick View in Search work with Promoted Listings ad attribution.

Will a click on the magnifying glass of a sponsored listing results in an ad fee if the buyer checks out without clicking through to see the full description first?

I've reached out to eBay and will update once more information is available.

In the meantime, if you are seeing Quick View in eBay search results, Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE 1-21-23

Some eBay community members say in their testing of this new feature, eBay is not showing the "Quick View" button like I'm seeing.

Instead they say eBay is forcing Quick View as the default, where clicking on the gallery image or title immediately brings you to the Quick View pop up instead of to the regular listing page.

I'm guessing eBay may be A/B testing different versions of this functionality. If they do move forward with Quick View, I hope they at least go with the button functionality in the example below - far better user experience to have it be an explicit choice the buyer made than a forced default, in my opinion.

Quick View In Stores Allows Add To Cart Without Viewing Listing Page
Has anyone else noticed the Quick View option in Stores? Not sure if this is new or if it’s been around for a bit and I just now noticed, but now when you hover over images in a seller’s store it shows a “Quick View” button. Clicking the button opens a pop up where you can scroll through the…

I'm also now seeing the non-button, forced Quick View default in shops on eBayUK as well.

eBay appears to be testing a new "Quick View" feature for Stores that will allow buyers to Add To Cart without ever viewing the full listing and description.

When viewing items in a seller's store, if you hover over the item image now you'll get a button that says "Quick View".

Clicking on the Quick View button opens a pop up screen where the buyer can scroll through images and add directly to cart without ever seeing important details like item description, item specifics, shipping and handling time and more.

You do have to specifically click the Quick View button, clicking anywhere else on the image will still take you to the regular listing page.

If you click add to cart from here, you are directed to checkout. Clicking View All Details takes you to the actual listing page.

If it is an item with variations, it also shows a drop down to select the variation you want, again without ever going to the actual listing page.

This change to the desktop Stores experience mirrors the mobile experience where users may have to tap "see full description" to see details of the item.

Sellers have historically been critical of any design changes that move seller supplied description information further down the page or additional clicks away because they believe it encourages buyers to purchase without reading, which may lead to increased not as described claims and returns.

This is particularly concerning for sellers because Not As Described claims count against their seller metrics and if they are rated "very high" eBay will charge them an additional 6% penalty fee on top of the regular final value fees.

Service metrics policy
We want to make sure that buyers have a great experience when shopping on eBay, so we try to help sellers provide great service for their buyers. We provide sellers with service metrics and peer benchmarks so that they can see how they are performing compared to other sellers who sell similar items.…

Consequences of Very High rates
If you are evaluated as Very High, the following consequences may apply to your listings on the eBay sites and in the categories or shipping categories where the Very High evaluation applies:

Item not as described: An additional 5% final value fees for listings in the categories where you are currently evaluated as Very High

Note: This additional 5 percentage points fee is calculated on the total amount of the sale, including shipping. Final value fee discounts, including Top Rated Seller discounts, do not apply to this additional fee. See our selling fees article for more information on how final value fees are calculated.

Item not received: Time automatically added to buyer-facing delivery estimates for the shipping categories where you are currently evaluated as Very High

It will be interesting to see if eBay expands the Quick View button to search results and other places where items are displayed across the site as well like Promoted Listings ads.

What do you think of Quick View for eBay Stores? Have you seen similar Quick View buttons pop up anywhere else on eBay? Let us know in the comments below!

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