Etsy Takes Away 100 Free Listings After Code Was Shared Online

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


It appears Etsy has abruptly ended the 100 Free Listing promotion they had offered last week as part of an invite only survey experience due to the code being leaked online and being used by sellers for whom it was not originally intended.

I originally reported on the offer and the survey here, but did not disclose the promo code for this very reason.

Etsy Eyes Making Listing Easier, Entices Sellers With Free Listings
Etsy is offering sellers 100 free listings & an invite to take a survey about the listing experience.

Etsy sellers in the community and on Reddit are now posting that the code no longer works and some sellers are even seeing that the free listing allotment they had been given has been removed.

Re: 100 free listings taken away
Mine just vanished as I was posting!

100 free listings taken away

I had 95 left and they have disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else

Another user asked if they had received the invite from Etsy and indicated sellers who were invited should be receiving another email with a new code.

did you get personally invited by Etsy for a survey where if you did respond to it you would end up with 100 free listings, or did you find out about the free listings from another seller or facebook group? If you did the latter then yes you lost the free listings...

...then you will receive another email from Etsy

I have confirmed the code 100newforetsy is no longer showing as a valid code if you try to use it on .

No official word from Etsy on if new codes will be issued to eligible sellers, but I have requested comment from Etsy and will update as soon as there is more information available.

While I understand Etsy may not have intended for the code to be used widely, at this point the optics of taking it away are causing far more damage than if they had just let it ride.

Honestly, they should have just taken the $0.20 x however many listings out of that $40 Million compensation package CEO Josh Silverman received in 2021 - he would have barely felt the pinch.

Big Pay Day For Etsy CEO Josh Silverman
Etsy’s 2022 proxy statement reveals massive ~$40 Million+ compensation package for CEO Josh Silverman in 2021.

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