eBay Stores Adds Logo & Banner Editing, Feedback Module

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


The eBay Store upgrades continue with new options for editing logos and marketing banner images and the addition of a feedback module in the store view.

First, it looks like eBay has added some very basic editing capability to the store image uploader that didn't exist before - for both logo and banner images, you can now crop, adjust brightness and adjust sharpness.

eBay is also promoting using VistaCreate to make images and videos for your store.

It's not clear if there is a partnership/relationship between eBay and VistaCreate and sellers should be aware that some features of VistaCreate may require a subscription.

eBay's Image Guide page provides template sizes to be used with VistaCreate as well as Canva or Snappa.

Image Guide | eBay.com
Create  a professional billboard, logo or category images to promote your store. Use these third-party sites with easy-to-use tools and templates that let you create and save your own images. Resize images to fit the eBay Store specifications

eBay has also added a feedback module to the Stores view, which is a welcome addition. One of my main criticisms of the new store design back in December was the fact that the feedback percentage shown did not indicate the total number of feedback and was no longer a clickable link leading to the full feedback profile.

Adding a feedback tab to the store view definitely helps to address those issues.

Keep an eye out later this month for more enhancements to stores including a store category module, segmenting options for newsletters, and removal of the view item page listing frame.

More Enhancements To The eBay Stores Experience
eBay has announced more changes to the Stores experience, coming in late March.

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