eBay Fall Check In- Are More Seller Protections Coming Soon?

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


UPDATE 7-18-22

The full agenda has now been released for the eBay Fall Seller Check In scheduled for August 4th.

Fall Seller Check-In | eBay
Virtual Event - The quarterly event built for sellers’ success.

The main sessions will be from 4:15 - 5:15 ET.

04:15 PM — 05:15 PM

Fall Seller Check-In

Join us to hear from eBay leaders and team members presenting on policy updates, best practices for staying above standards, returns, and special Open announcements! Plus, hear from Forrester's Sucharita Kodali where she will share her predictions for the 2023 holiday season.


Rebecca Michals - Director, Seller Community and Engagement

Ashish Chhabra - Chief Revenue Officer

Ian Bednowitz - Senior Director Protections

Sucharita Kodali - VP Principal Analyst Forrester

Break out sessions - 5:20 - 5:50 PM ET

Fashion Sourcing

eBay’s General Manager – Apparel, Health & Beauty eBay Mari Corella discusses recommerce and clothing sourcing with founder of CasaChic and SouthBeachChic Consignment Julie Shapiro ahead of the holiday season.

Mari Corella - General Manager Apparel, Health & Beauty

Julie Shapiro - Owner, CasaChic and SouthBeachChic


Learn to list more quickly and efficiently with eBay’s Director of Product Management, Seller Experience Tanaya Suveerachaimontian.

Tanaya Suveerachaimontian - Director of Product Management, Seller Experience

Q&A - Holiday 2022

Get ready for the holidays with a live Q&A with VP Principal Analyst Forrester Sucharita Kodali about expectations for the upcoming season.

Sucharita Kodali - VP Principal Analyst Forrester

Seller Interview

Join eBay’s Sr. Manager, Community and Seller Engagement Brian Burke as he interviews Up & Running Grant winner Jude Lugo, the founder of J&L Making A Difference who started his eBay business with $1 of his birthday money in the 7th grade.

Brian Burke - Sr. Manager, Community and Seller Engagement

Jude Lugo - jlmakingadifference

UPDATE 7-11-22

I noticed since originally writing this, eBay has updated the page and removed everyone except Director, Seller Community and Engagement Rebecca Michals.

Were all of these other names posted by mistake? I guess we'll just have to wait and see who actually shows up at the event.

Here's what the page looked like on June 28th.

eBay's Fall Seller Check in is scheduled for August 4th and while an official agenda has not been announced yet, the list of eBay staff slated to attend raises the question - are there perhaps new seller protections on the way?

Fall Seller Check-In | eBay
Virtual Event - The quarterly event built for sellers’ success.

Join eBay leaders and your community of sellers for:

  • Tactical selling tips from the experts
  • Breakout sessions on seller tools, specific categories, and more
  • Seller networking
  • The latest product updates and marketplace news

Check back closer to the event for a complete agenda.

The main session will be recorded and shared with the seller community, but breakouts and networking are only available live at Seller Check-In—so don’t miss it!

Out of almost 30 names listed as Organizers, a few that caught my eye in particular were:

Ian Bednowitz - Sr. Director, Global Head of Protections and Resolutions

Greg Tanner - Director, Global Customer Trust

Joe Concannon - Director, Seller Onboarding and Performance

Rajee Ramachandran - Senior Manager - Trust & Payments

Steven Calder - Manager, Seller Trust

Anthony Hardle - Claims Risk Management

With so much staff involved in trust, risk management, payments, and protections, can sellers hope that means we may hear some good news on those topics at this upcoming check in?

My personal picks for protection / trust & safety related issues would be:

Account suspensions: after my own experience with eBay's automated systems incorrectly flagging my account as "a risk to the eBay community" I have empathy for the 100s (maybe thousands?) of users who report receiving permanent suspension notices with no warning, no explanation, and no recourse for appeal.

Is Value Added Resource A Risk To The eBay Community?
The eBay account I’ve used for over 2 years to participate in the eBay community has been permanently suspended with no warning or explanation.

While I'm 100% onboard with eBay increasing safety and security on the platform, it's clear many innocent accounts are getting caught in the automated dragnet.

eBay can and must do more to assist sellers in these situations.

Chargebacks / Payment Disputes - chargeback & payment disputes have been a growing concern for sellers, with many believing eBay does not do enough to protect them from abuse buyers and fraudulent claims.

eBay’s Growing Chargeback Problem
Chargebacks are a hot button topic for sellers in Managed Payments. What can eBay do about this growing problem?

Unpaid Items - eBay CEO Jamie Iannone talks a lot about how they've virtually eliminated unpaid items for Buy It Now, but they've barely scratched the surface of the problem for Offers and haven't touched it at all for Auctions.

Is eBay Doing Enough About Unpaid Items?
eBay says they are working to eliminate unpaid items on the platform, but is change happening fast enough?

I also noticed Jessica Vayo, Lead Product Manager, Social Products on the list - dare we hope we might get an update on the promised reduced final value fees for social sharing feature that was promised at eBay Open 2021 (almost a year ago to the day by the time this seller check in rolls around)?

Would you post eBay listings to social media for reduced fees?
eBay’s 2.5% FVF social sharing incentive has no official release date, but sellers are already weighing pros & cons.

Whatever eBay has up their sleeves for the Fall Seller Check In, Value Added Resource will have full coverage and color commentary you won't want to miss!

What topics would be top of your list for eBay to tackle in the Fall Seller Check In? Let us know in the comments below!

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