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Amazon is hosting an informational event about Seller Fulfilled Prime exclusively in the Amazon community forums on October 24.

Get answers about Seller Fulfilled Prime at October 24 Ask Amazon event

Learn about our recently updated Seller Fulfilled Prime program at an Ask Amazon event on 10/24/2023. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT) on our US seller forums page, moderators and Seller Fulfilled Prime experts will answer posted questions about the updates.

New seller enrollment for Seller Fulfilled Prime has reopened and the program fee has been removed. To enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must first pre-qualify for the Seller Fulfilled Prime trial. Then, you must pass the trial by participating for 30 days while meeting all of the trial requirements.

For more information, go to this News post.

Note: We cannot provide legal advice or otherwise interpret regulatory requirements on situations that are specific to individual sellers.

Amazon announced the reopening of Seller Fulfilled Prime back in June, with an effective date of October 1, but received quick backlash from sellers over an additional 2% fee that would be charged on Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

Amazon Backs Down On Seller Fulfilled Prime Fee For Not Using Amazon Logistics
Amazon is backing down on 2% fees for sellers who use Seller Fulfilled Prime without using Amazon logistics services.

Amazon eventually backed down and removed the additional fee, they said due to listening to seller feedback.

However, many skeptical sellers believed it may have had more to do with impending FTC concerns than trying to garner good will with sellers - a theory that is bolstered by the fact the FTC filed their long awaited antitrust suit against Amazon about a week after this decision.

FTC Hits Amazon With Antitrust Suit Alleging Illegal Monopoly Power Stifles Competition
FTC files long awaited Amazon antitrust suit alleging monopoly power inflates prices, degrades quality & stifles competition.

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