Amazon Bets Big On Buy With Prime

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Just five months after going live, Amazon is pulling out the stops to drive adoption of Buy With Prime - offering new marketing solutions to increase sales, including Amazon funded co-branded ads on Facebook and Instagram!

Buy With Prime is currently available by invitation only - join the interest list.

Amazon’s Buy with Prime launches new offerings to help sellers increase sales and attract more shoppers
Sellers participating in Buy with Prime can now utilize new marketing solutions to increase sales and help attract more engaged shoppers to their brand’s store.

Advertise Buy with Prime products on Amazon

Participating sellers can showcase their DTC products on Amazon with a new Buy with Prime page within their brand’s store, a customizable multipage storefront on Amazon available for brands. Sellers can then direct Amazon shoppers to those DTC products by using Sponsored Brands, which are customizable ads for brands.

Sponsored Brands appear in prominent places within shopping results on Amazon. When a shopper clicks on one of those ads, it takes them to the new Buy with Prime page within the brand store’s page on Amazon. From this new page, shoppers can preview product details—and choose to purchase the product directly from the seller, off Amazon, using Buy with Prime.

Together, Sponsored Brands ads and the new Buy with Prime stores pages help Buy with Prime sellers reach relevant shoppers on Amazon and direct them to their own DTC sites. Both solutions are now available in an invitation-only beta.

Reach more shoppers on Facebook and Instagram

Co-branded Buy with Prime social media ads, which are funded and managed by Amazon, help participating Buy with Prime sellers reach shoppers on Facebook and Instagram and drive traffic to products on their DTC sites.

Potential customers see ads from Amazon’s Buy with Prime page on Facebook and Instagram that feature specific sellers. When the shopper clicks on that ad, they’re taken to a Buy with Prime product detail page where they can purchase directly from the seller. Co-branded social media ads are now available in an invitation-only beta.

Buy With Prime is seen as a major shot fired in the outgoing battle for ecommerce dominance between Amazon and Shopify.

As Joe Kaziukėnas of Marketplace Pulse points out, the brand page and social media marketing opportunities make Buy With Prime a powerful tool to drive traffic and sales for DTC brands.

Shopify made waves earlier this month when it started trying to deter merchants from using Amazon Buy With Prime, warning them the script posed security concerns and violates the Shopify Terms of Service.

Shopify Warns Sellers Away From Amazon Buy With Prime
Shopify tries to deter merchants from using Amazon Buy With Prime with security warning about script.

And fittingly, Shopify dropped a blog post about free shipping today, with a very interesting headline: "How to Offer Free Shipping & Two-Day Delivery: Compete With Amazon While Increasing Profit Margins".

Clearly, we're past the subtle "friendly" competition at this stage of the game. 😂

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