Walmart Shortens Auto-Cancellation Time To 4 Days

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Walmart aims to cut down on late shipments and delayed deliveries with changes to Automatic Cancellation Policy.

Effective June 6, 2023 Walmart is shortening the automatic cancellation window from 6 days to 4 days past the Estimated Ship Date (ESD).

Sellers must provide valid tracking information by the ESD, but if shipping is later than 4 calendar days post-ESD the order will be automatically cancelled, which will be counted against sellers’ cancellation performance metrics.

Walmart provides the following tips for sellers prevent auto-cancellations:

  • Update order status to “shipped” as soon as the carrier takes over.
  • Cancel orders proactively that can’t be fulfilled by the ESD.
  • Utilize faster carrier methods, if possible.
  • Consider enrolling in Walmart Fulfillment Services for efficient and swift fulfillment.

Sellers are also encouraged to set up Performance Alarms to keep on top of ESDs and potential auto-cancellations (the seller help page has not yet been updated to reflect the new 4 day policy).

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