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UPDATE 8-2-22

Sellers are reporting disappearing listings...again. It appears that eBay is having "latency issues" where when listings end there is a significant delay (24-48 hours+) in relisting. During the time between ending and relisting the listings appear to be in limbo land - stuck somewhere in eBay's backend but not visible in Seller Hub under unsold/ended or active.

If that describes what you're experiencing, more details 👇

Is eBay Experiencing Delays In Relisting Items?
Sellers report delays in relisting & listing template loading errors. Is eBay experiencing latency issues from the new listing experience?

UPDATE: One seller is reporting eBay support through Facebook has refused to open a tech ticket for this issue, obviously not understanding what is really going on.

I'm seeing multiple reports in the eBay community that Good Til Canceled listings are disappearing when they are supposed to renew.  Sellers say the listings are not relisting immediately and cannot be found in Seller Hub under either Active or Unsold.

My Good Til Cancelled items are ending and vanishing. Not relisting Just Gone today 30 jun 2021
My Good Til Cancelled items are ending and vanishing. Not relisting Just Gone today 30 jun 2021

Active Listings disappearing from Active List for second week in a row....
Two weeks in a row, active listings are disappearing from Active Listings page....last week maybe six disappeared and re-appeared within a couple of hours....and today, my Promo page shows 261 active, Active Listing Page shows 260, and earlier today, active list was 262, while yesterday I had 264 or…
Ebay removed around 3,000 of my listings 2 days ago. They said it was a glitch in their system.
They said the listings would be reinstated within 48 hours. I’m still waiting did anyone else experience this? Bob

eBay store subscribers receive a certain number of free listings every month, depending on subscription level. Many sellers will time new listings and Good Til Canceled renewals to use as many free listings as possible before the end of the month without going over the allotment and incurring additional fees.

Some sellers voiced concerns about how it would affect their monthly store listing allotments if these listings reappear in 24-48 hours.

There were also multiple reports of auctions ending with winning bids showing as "unsold" even though they had been "sold".

Item has a bid item then time ended then went to unsold
Hi Please help. I had 2 items that ended this morning. Each had a bid. Was waiting for it to appear on the sold category but went to unsold items Can’t find any way to talk to ebay to see why they went to unsold and they have a bid. Can someone help please. Ive searched for the past half hour …
Sold or not? getting relisting prompt
I have several items that were up for auction that ended yesterday, 2 of which I have received payment for. But when I look at my Selling Activity, eBay is prompting me to relist the other items. Yet there were bids on each of the “unsold” items; I can’t seem to find how to contact the bidders to re…
Item sold, but in the unsold category
Why are items I’ve sold not showing up in the sold category, but the unsold category? I can’t ship them, or anything. Thanks for any help
Sold but in unsold
So I just started having this issue today I had a few items in my unsold list but they all had bids and should of sold. A few have worked there way to the sold side and have been paid for. What should I do about the rest? Any help is appreciated thanks
My sold auctions with winning bidders are going to my unsold section.
My sold auctions with winning bidders are going to my unsold section. No confirmation of win to buyer or seller, no invoicing, no shipping options.... nothing. It literally moved to the unsold section and asks if I want to relist. I have five sales pending but they are in the unsold section. On the …
sold item that went to unsold column
I have an item that has been bid on by 2 different bidders and has ended however it went into the unsold column and I am unable to send the buyer an invoice. what are your suggestions?

The same issue happened at the end of February for many sellers - both the Good Til Canceled relisting delays and the sold auctions going to "unsold".

My Good Til Cancelled items are ending and vanisshing. Not relisting Just Gone
A large number of my Good Til Cancelled items that renew today are vanishing. They end and do not relist. Don’t show in unsold and cannot bring them up using the EBAY item ID number in either active or completed. They are just vanishing. Hundreds of dollars so far today.
The eBay System Status Board Is Incorrect - This Happens All Too Frequently
The System Status Board says all services are in good shape, including Buying and Selling. This is NOT true today, Feb. 28, 2021. Many sellers are reporting sold auctions with bids are showing up as Unsold Items and they can’t send invoices. Buyers are saying they can’t pay for auctions they won …
Missing Listing
Hi, I had a listing with 3 duplicate items, I sold the 2nd item last week. There was 1 left, even showed “last one” on the previously sold listing. There were 3 watchers, now the listing has disappeared. If someone has it in their cart and hasn’t checked out yet, would it disappear? I have immediat…

At that time, eBay's response was that they had experienced some "system latency" that would be cleared up in 24-48 hours.

Items moving to Unsold and not Sold
Hello Community! I wanted to let you know that we’re currently experiencing some system latency but not to be concerned as our back log should catch up within a day. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this might’ve caused.
Ebay Renewal Latency
Contacted ebay, there is a latency in listings showing automatic renewal, listing count going down on its own without being ended. Support informs listings are still there but the number count is showing less and less. Ebay informs its an alert and is aware of it. Apparently it’s actively being work…

There has been no official response yet on the most recent problem, though eBay staff from the community says they have reported it to the technical team. As usual, the eBay system status page shows no current disruptions to service.

eBay has been moving at breakneck speed making updates and changes to both the frontend and backend of Seller Hub - are these latency issues a sign of a system that is overtaxed and struggling to keep up?

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