Pitney Bowes & PackageHub Partner On National ‘No-Box/No-Label’ Returns Drop-off Network

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Pitney Bowes and PackageHub have announced the launch of a national returns drop-off network to enable no-box and no-label returns with no additional cost to retailers or consumers at nearly 1,000 locations across the country, with hundreds more coming soon.

Ecommerce brands that already use Pitney Bowes returns service and its platform partners will immediately have access to the drop-off network, with no additional integration required, augmenting the existing network of 30,000 postal locations where Pitney Bowes currently offers no-label returns.

“Ecommerce returns are among the fastest-growing costs for retailers—costs that are sure to increase given the historic levels of online shopping we’ve seen this holiday,” said Gregg Zegras, EVP and President, Global Ecommerce at Pitney Bowes. “We have the longest-standing ecommerce returns service in the industry—and now, with the launch of this network with our partner, PackageHub, we have access to their network of premium drop-off locations across the US, making this the most comprehensive returns service, capable of lowering the cost of returns while simultaneously improving the consumer experience.”

“By aligning with Pitney Bowes, we are poised to deliver a premium returns experience to both merchants and consumers through PackageHub Returns, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome,” said Brandon Gale, CEO of PackageHub. “The Pitney Bowes’ returns approach seamlessly complements our strategic vision, and we eagerly welcome them in the PackageHub family. We believe this partnership offers an incredible value-add to our ever-increasing network of PackageHub store owners.”

Benefits for retailers and consumers:

  • Reduced Exceptions during Processing
    No-label returns using a QR code have shown up to 30% reduction in exceptions versus packages labeled by consumers. Every exception can streamline the return processing costs for the retailer and expedite customer refunds.
  • Reduction of Fraud
    No-box returns reduce the likelihood of incorrect or invalid items being returned—often a tactic employed by fraudsters. According to Pitney Bowes most recent BOXpollretailer survey almost 40% of online retailers say that returns fraud is one of their top challenges.
  • Increased consumer convenience
    With the growth of online shopping since the COVID pandemic, consumers increasingly see returns drop-off locations as a convenience, especially for the nearly one-third of consumers who do not have a place to securely leave packages at home for carrier pickup.
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