GoodwillFinds Aims For 1 Million Listings With New Execs At Helm

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Goodwill has big plans for their GoodwillFinds marketplace this year, bringing new executives on board and aiming for 1 Million listings by the end of the year.

GoodwillFinds brings on new executives with plans to hit 1 million listings by the end of the year
Nonprofit retailer Goodwill has a unique approach to building and expanding its secondhand marketplace, GoodwillFinds.

Since the platform’s launch in October 2022, GoodwillFinds has sold over 200,000 items, with the goal to double inventory by the end of the year by listing a million items. Now, GoodwillFinds wants to build on this momentum by onboarding more member stores to increase inventory listings.

The team also announced new c-suite hires to better compete in the noisy resale industry. The two new executives include Jim Davis — formerly of Dell, Office Depot and Buck Mason — as GoodwillFinds’ new chief revenue officer. Additionally, Nicolas Genes, who previously worked at TheRealReal and ModCloth, is joining as chief technology officer.

The new leadership team is eager to jump on modern trends on Tik Tok and Instagram, recruit retail partners, and leverage technology to streamline the listing process for their stores across the country.

After five months, the GoodwillFinds team has found ways to efficiently scale listings by building out a process through proprietary AI software. Kaness said this allows member stores to price, list and ship out orders, all on-site and without transferring inventory around. “Where we still have work is partnering with each Goodwill location on streamlining outbound shipping, since it’s something they’re not used to doing,” Kaness said.

In the past few months, GoodwillFinds has received interest from retailers interested in either donating bulk merchandise or cross-listing the platform’s products on their own websites. He also said that GoodwillFinds has had luxury and designer brands express interest in partnerships, in which Goodwill “can act as an objective secondhand authenticator, though he declined to name specific companies.

But e-commerce ambitions require robust marketing, which Kaness said will be one of biggest expenses for Goodwill’s marketplace.

Thus far, Kaness said GoodwillFinds hasn’t spent much on paid marketing, and has mostly relied on organic brand awareness for customer acquisition.The existing Goodwill audience also gives the e-commerce team access to thousands of customers’ email and phone numbers, which will be used to build up the digital customer base.

As the platform scales up, paid ad channels will be turned on. “We’ve been experimenting with TikTok and Instagram influencers to see what content and messaging works,” Kansas said. “We’ve also been effective in the affiliate marketing channel, and will continue to grow it.”

It appears the launch did not get off to a smooth start, with many complaints of delays and lack of customer service.

From r/Goodwillfinds

Ordered on 12/26 and have not received anything, that's why I found you guys. I had emailed, submitted form, message on Instagram that was seen by them and they didn't bother. What's my best option because I hate doing charge back?? Thanks and happy hunting

I'm also missing items from Washington, about 10 orders I placed on 12/26. I've been e-mailing their support but have had no luck yet. I'm also in the same predicament regarding whether or not to charge back.

I have ordered 2 things (an amplifier and a turntable) from this website, and have a number of observations.

⁠It took 2 weeks for them to ship the items. There is no way to contact the source and advise them on packing.

⁠The amplifier arrived with no damage, but it only had 1 layer of bubble wrap, so this was pure luck.

⁠The turntable arrived with the counterbalance snapped off, rendering it unusable. I contacted GoodwillFinds with their email form. No response.

For some reason it takes a long time to upload. It says it sent the message but who knows? 4. ⁠I tried a second time using their email address. No response.

I found a replacement tonearm on eBay, but, as you may suspect, in addition to the extra cost, it is a major effort to replace. Think 34 teeny-tiny ball bearings.

GoodwillFinds appears to be set up and run by total amateurs.

GoodwillFinds has been making efforts to try to address the issues and calm buyer concerns by sending out an apology email - but even that was apparently botched as users received multiple copies of the same email.

Got 56 of these emails all at once. Good times.

Wow, thought my 9 were annoying

I wish they would have attached a coupon in there ;)

Got 12 of these this morning ... why???

Lol, and now recieved another bunch of 12... This is getting nuts

So they have now managed to bungle the send of an email apologizing for their shipping mishaps, missing items, and overall "black hole" approach to customer service. You cannot make this stuff up!

Who is running this operation?!

Have you shopped on GoodwillFinds? I've love to hear about your experience! Let us know in the comments below.


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