Facebook Helps Sellers Re-engage Buyers With Email Capture Features

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Facebook Commerce has updated email opt-in settings and enabled integration with CRM systems to help sellers re-engage buyers with email marketing.

Connect With Existing Customers And Welcome New Shoppers

We recently introduced two new email capture features that can be enabled through your shop’s Commerce Manager. The first allows your shop to select its email capture default preference at checkout, and the second enables the integration of your CRM into Commerce Manager. Did you see them?

Email opt-in at checkout
We learned that sellers wanted more flexibility from our email capture settings at checkout.

Previously, shops were limited to a default opt-in setting. Now, sellers like you will be able to update your shop settings from the current experience of “Don’t preselect email opt-in” to “Preselect email opt-in.”

To implement this new setting, just do the following:

  1. Go to your settings in Commerce Manager and navigate to the “Marketing list” tab.
  2. Choose “Edit” in the email opt-in section for checkout.
  3. Go to “Default preferences” and update your email opt-in selection to “Preselect email opt-in.” It’s that simple!

CRM integration in Commerce Manager
Now we’ve made it even easier to activate email campaigns by integrating your customers’ email opt-ins directly into your preferred CRM to help save you time.

You can now integrate your CRM systems into Commerce Manager, allowing you to build and maintain relationships with new shoppers and existing customers. What better way to take advantage of our new opt-in feature at checkout than to maximize opportunities to engage with your customers?

Here’s all you need to do to implement this new setting:

  1. Go to your settings in Commerce Manager and navigate to the “Marketing List” tab.
  2. Go to “Connect your CRM” and select your associated Facebook page.
  3. Continue down the list under “Search CRM Systems” and choose your preferred CRM.
  4. Then click “Connect” to integrate your CRM platform.

These new features are currently only available to eligible sellers with direct API access or platform integrations (e.g. with Shopify, ChannelAdvisor), with a Good Account Health evaluation.

Email opt-ins allow buyers to grant sellers permission to use their email address for marketing purposes. You can also encourage more people to opt in to emails by offering a percentage off their next purchase from your shop.

Once you have set up an email opt-in for your customers, there are two ways to access customer emails. You can link your customer relationship management (CRM) software account to your shop in Commerce Manager, which will automatically push emails captured on your Shop, at Checkout and at your Storefront to your CRM, or you can download checkout email opt-ins as a CSV file.


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