Etsy Updates Terms Of Use, Privacy & Intellectual Property Policies 7-24-23

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Etsy has announced updates to their Terms of Use, Privacy, and Intellectual Property policies, effective July 24, 2023.

What’s new

Every day, we work to make our platform the best it can be, which includes regularly revisiting our terms and policies (AKA our House Rules) to make sure they meet the needs of our growing community and allow us to continue to support you. Today, we’re sharing a few quick updates that go into effect on 24 July 2023.

Etsy provided a summary of the changes for each section as well as links to the old and new versions of each policy.

Terms of Use

Pay close attention to the arbitration clause, especially the opt out instructions, if you are in North or South America.

Previous Terms of Use:

New Terms of Use:

Terms of Use:

We’ve made some changes to our arbitration clause (section 11) for users in North and South America, to clarify which disputes must be arbitrated, explain how you can opt out of the arbitration process or reject the changes, and set rules and procedures for arbitration (including coordinated arbitrations), among other things.

As before, the arbitration agreement includes a class action and jury waiver, which means we’ll be resolving most disputes in private, individual arbitration, and not in court. Please read this section carefully.

We’ve added a new section 12 for our users in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa, explaining where disputes between us will be resolved and the law that will apply to any disputes.

Relevant to all users, we’ve also refined certain terms relating to your and Etsy’s respective legal rights, including the limitation of Etsy’s liability, your indemnity obligations, and the licence you grant us (and authorised third parties) to use content you post through the Services.

The revised Terms of Use are available here.

Privacy Policy

Previous Privacy policy -

New Privacy policy -

Privacy Policy:

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to give you more details about how we collect, use, and share your information, and we’ve simplified the format to make things easier to navigate.

We’ve also updated the Policy to reflect new products and features, as well as changes to our business practices.

For our U.S. users, we’ve also added more context about how we collect and use your data, whom we share it with, and how to exercise your rights, as required by certain new U.S. privacy laws.

The revised Privacy Policy is available here.

Intellectual Property Policy

Etsy has clarified in their Intellectual Property policy that they will accept DMCA counter notices for US-based copyright infringement reports only.

Previous Intellectual Property Policy -

New Intellectual Property Policy -

Intellectual Property Policy:

We’ve updated our Intellectual Property Policy to clarify how we process certain reports of copyright infringement and eligible counter-notices.

The revised Intellectual Property Policy is available here.

How will these changes impact your Etsy business? Let us know in the comments below!

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